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7-Zip is a loose and open-source file archiver, a utility used to region groups of documents inside compressed bins referred to as “files”. it’s miles developed by means of Igor Pavlov and become first launched in 1999.[1] 7-Zip makes use of its own 7z archive format, however can examine and write numerous other archive formats. the program may be used from a command-line interface because the command p7zip,[8] or thru a graphical user interface that also features shell integration. most of the 7-Zip supply code is below the GNU LGPL license; the unRAR code, but, is beneath the GNU LGPL with an “unRAR limit”, which states that developers are not authorised to use the code to opposite-engineer the RAR compression algorithm.

7 Zip Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
Enter Open current item File
Ctrl + PgDN Open current item as folder inside 7-Zip File
Shift + Enter Open current item in new window File
F4 Open selected item with editor File
F2 Rename selected item File
F5 Copy selected items File
F6 Move selected items File
Delete Delete selected items File
Ctrl + Z Set comment for file File
F7 Create new folder File
Shift + F4 Creates new file File
Alt + F4 Closes the program. File
Shift + + Select all items File
Shift + – Select all items Edit
Shift + * Select / Deselect all items Edit
+ Select specified items Edit
Deselect specified items Edit
Alt + + Select all items with the same extension as current item Edit
Alt + – Deselect all items with the same extension as current item Edit
Ctrl + 1 Displays items by using large icons Edit
Ctrl + 2 Displays items by using small icons View
Ctrl + 3 Displays items in a list View
Ctrl + 4 Displays items in a list with detailed information about each item View
F3 Sort items by Name View
Ctrl + F4 Sort items by Type View
Ctrl + F5 Sort items by Date View
Ctrl + F6 Sort items by Size View
Ctrl + F7 Do not sort items View
1 Switch On/Off second panel View
Backspace Open the folder one level up View
Alt + F12 Open folders history View
Ctrl + R Refresh items list View
F1 Opens 7-Zip Help View
Tab Switch between panels View
Insert Select / Deselect current item Miscellaneous commands
Shift + F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected items Miscellaneous commands
Alt + 9 Open folder bookmark Miscellaneous commands
Shift + Alt + 9 reates folder bookmark Miscellaneous commands
Alt + F1 Edit the Folder Address on left panel Miscellaneous commands
F2 Edit the Folder Address on right panel Miscellaneous commands
Ctrl + + Adjust optimal column width for items Miscellaneous commands
Top Arrow Open same folder in other panel Miscellaneous commands
Alt + Left Arrow Open current folder in other panel Miscellaneous commands
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