AbiWord Shortcut Keys Download PDF

AbiWord Shortcut Keys

AbiWord Shortcut Keys

AbiWord was a free and open-source software phrase processor written in C++. since model 3 it’s far primarily based on GTK+ three. The name “AbiWord” is derived from the basis of the Spanish word “abierto”, that means “open”.AbiWord turned into initially started by using SourceGear organization as the first a part of a proposed AbiSuite however was adopted via open source builders after SourceGear changed its commercial enterprise awareness and ceased development. It now runs on Linux, Microsoft windows , ReactOS, Solaris, AmigaOS four.zero , MeeGo , Maemo QNX and other operating structures.

Ctrl+B – Bold Text
Ctrl+U – Underline Text
Ctrl+I – Italic Text
Ctrl+T – Overline Text
Ctrl+K – Strike Text
Ctrl+^ – SuperScript
Ctrl+_ – SubScript

AbiWord Shortcut Keys PDF

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