Ableton Live Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Ableton Live Shortcut Keys

Ableton Live Shortcut Keys

Ableton stay is a software program track sequencer and digital audio computer for macOS and windows. The state-of-the-art essential launch of live, version 9, was released on March five, 2013. A more recent model, Ableton stay 10, was announced in overdue 2017 and is expected to be launched in Q1 2018 In contrast to many different software program sequencers, live is designed to be an instrument for stay performances in addition to a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and getting to know, as proven by means of Ableton’s accomplice hardware product, Ableton Push. it is also used by DJs, because it gives a suite of controls for beatmatching, crossfading, and other results utilized by turntablists, and was one of the first tune programs to mechanically beatmatch songs.

F11 – Toggle Full Screen Mode
Ctrl+Shift+W – Toggle Second Window
Tab – Toggle Session/Arrangement
Shift+Tab/F12 – Toggle Device/Clip View
Ctrl+Alt+L/Shift+F12 – Hide/Show Detail View
Q – Toggle Hot-Swap Mode
D – Toggle Drum
Rack/last-selected Pad
Shift+? – Hide/Show Info View
Ctrl+Alt+B – Hide/Show Browser
Ctrl+Alt+O – Hide/Show Overview
Ctrl+Alt+I – Hide/Show In/Out
Ctrl+Alt+S – Hide/Show Sends
Ctrl+Alt+M – Hide/Show Mixer
Ctrl+, – Open the Preferences
Esc – Close Window/Dialog
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Decrement/Increment
Ctrl – Finer Resolution for Dragging
Delete – Return to Default
0……9 – Type in Value
.+, – Go to Next Field
Esc – Abort Value Entry
Enter – Confirm Value Entry
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Scroll Down/Up
Right and left arrow – Close/Open Folders
Enter – Load Selected Item from
Shift+Enter – Preview Selected File
Ctrl+F – Search in Browser
Down arrow – Jump to Search Results
Space – Play from Start Marker/Stop
Shift+Space – Continue Play from Stop
Space – Play Arrangement View
Home – Move Insert Marker to
F9 – Record
F10 – Back to Arrangement
F1……F8 – Activate/Deactivate Track
Ctrl+X – Copy
Ctrl+C – Cut
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+D – Duplicate
Delete – Delete
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+R – Rename
Ctrl+A – Select all
Shift+click – Move Start Marker to
Right and left arrow – Nudge Loop Left/Right
Up & Down Arrows – Move Loop By Loop Length
Ctrl+Up and Down arrow – Halve/Double Loop Length
Ctrl+Right and Left arrow – Shorten/Lengthen Loop
Ctrl+Shift+L – Select Material in Loop

Enter – Launch Selected Clip/Slot
Arrow Keys – Select Neighboring Clip/Slot
Ctrl+A – Select all Clips/Slots
Ctrl+Drag – Copy Clips
Ctrl+E – Add/Remove Stop Button
Ctrl+Shift+M – Insert MIDI clip
Ctrl+I – Insert Scene
Ctrl+Shift+I – Insert Captured Scene
Ctrl+Up & down arrow – Move Nonadjacent Scenes
Without Collapsing
Ctrl – Drop Browser Clips as a

Ctrl+E – Split Clip at Selection
Ctrl+J – Consolidate Selection into
Ctrl+Alt+F – Create Fade/Crossfade
Ctrl+L – Loop Selection
Ctrl+I – Insert Silence
Ctrl+Alt – Pan Left/Right of Selection
Alt Unfold button – Unfold all Tracks
Ctrl+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow

Ctrl+T – Insert Audio Track
Ctrl+Shift+T – Insert MIDI Track
Ctrl+Alt+T – Insert Return Track
Ctrl+R – Rename Selected Track
Tab – While Renaming, Go to next
Ctrl+G – Group Selected Tracks
Ctrl+Shift+G – Ungroup Tracks
+ – Show Grouped Tracks
– Hide Grouped Tracks
Ctrl+Arrow Keys – Move Nonadjacent Tracks
Without Collapsing
Ctrl Click – Arm/Solo Multiple Tracks
Enter – Add Device from Browser

Ctrl – Finer Resolution for Dragging
Shift – Enable Dragging Over
Alt – Create Curved Automation

Ctrl+M – Toggle MIDI Map Mode
Ctrl+K – Toggle Key Map Mode
Ctrl+Shift+K – Computer MIDI Keyboard

+ – Zoom in
– Zoom out
Shift – Drag/Click to Append to a
Shift – Click to Add Adjacent
Clips/Tracks/Scenes to
Ctrl – Click to Add Nonadjacent
Clips/Tracks/Scenes to a
Ctrl+Shift+F – Follow (Auto-Scroll)
Ctrl+Alt – Pan Left/Right of Selection

Ctrl+U – Quantize
Ctrl+Shift+U – Quantize Settings
Right & left arrow – Move Selected Warp Marker
Ctrl+I – Insert Warp Marker
Ctrl+ Right and left arrow – Select Warp Marker
Ctrl+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow
Shift+Right & left arrow – Move Clip Region with Start

Ctrl+U – Quantize
Ctrl+Shift+U – Quantize Settings
Page Up/Page Down – Scroll Editor Vertically
Ctrl+Ppage up/Ctrl+Page Down – Scroll Editor Horizontally
Ctrl drag – Copy Notes
Alt drag – Change Velocity From Note
Home – Move Insert Marker to
End – Move Insert Marker to End
Ctrl+Shift+F – Scroll Display to Follow
Shift+Right and left arrow – Move Clip Region with Start

B – Toggle Draw Mode
Ctrl+1 – Narrow Grid
Ctrl+2 – Widen Grid
Ctrl+3 – Triplet Grid
Ctrl+4 – Snap to Grid
Ctrl+5 – Fixed/Zoom-Adaptive Grid
Alt – Bypass Snapping While

Ctrl+6 – Sixteenth-Note Quantization
Ctrl+7 – Eighth-Note Quantization
Ctrl+8 – Quarter-Note Quantization
Ctrl+9 – 1-Bar Quantization
Ctrl+0 – Quantization Off

Ctrl+N – New Live Set
Ctrl+O – Open Live Set
Ctrl+S – Save Live Set
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save Live Set As…
Ctrl+Q – Quit Live
Ctrl+H – Hide Live
Ctrl+Shift+R – Export Audio/Video
Ctrl+Shift+E – Export MIDI file

Ctrl+Alt+P – Show/Hide Plug-In Windows
Ctrl – Open Second/Multiple
Windows with Plug-In Edit
Ctrl+G – Group/Ungroup Devices
Alt Device avtivator – Activate/Deactivate All
Devices in Group
Shift – Click to Append Devices to a
Selected Device
Enter – Load Selected Device From

Ableton Live Shortcut Keys PDF

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