Access Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Access Shortcut Keys

Access Shortcut Keys

Microsoft access is a database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft that mixes the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-improvement tools. … it may also import or link directly to records saved in other packages and databases

Ctrl+N – New database
Ctrl+O – Open existing database
Ctrl+S/Shift+F12 – Save Database
Tab – Move to next cell
F12 – Open the Save As Box
Ctrl+P – Print the current object
Ctrl+F – Open Find tab in dialog box
Ctrl+H – Open Replace tab in dialog box

Arrow Down – Move down a line
Arrow Up – Move Up a line
PgUp – Move up a page
PgDn – Move down a page
F4 – Switch to propery sheet
F2 – Switch betwwn edit mode
F6 – Switch windows(between upper and lower portion)
F5 – Switch to form view from form design view
F7 – Open VB Editor/Open the choose builder dialog box
Alt+F11 – Switch from the VB editor back to form
F11 – Toggle between Navigation Pane
Ctrl+F6 – Cycle between windows
Enter – Restore the window
Alt+Space – Display Control Menu
ShortcutMenuKey – Display shortcut menu(key exist on right of Alt Rt)
Alt+N – Move to next page of wizard
Alt+B – MOve to previous page of wizard

Alt+F – Complete the wizard
Home – Move to beginning
End – Move to End
Ctrl+Tab – Switch to the next tab in dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Switch to the previous tab in dialog box

Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+X – Cut
Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Right – Move to Right
Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Left – Move to Left
Arrow Up/Ctrl+Arrow Up – Move to Up
Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Down – Move to down
Shift+Arrow Down – Increase the height
Shift+Arrow Up – Decrease the height
Shift+Arrow Right – Increase the width
Shift+Arrow Left – decrease the width
F2 – Display complete hyperlink
F7 – Check Spelling
Alt+Enter – Display Property sheet
Alt+F4 – Exit access 16
Ctrl+F2 – Invoke builder
Shift+F2 – Open the zoom box
Ctrl+Z/Alt+ Bkspace – Undo
Ctrl+Delete – Delete all character to the right
F5 – Move the record number box

Access Shortcut Keys PDF

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