ACDSee Shortcut Keys Download PDF

ACDSee Shortcut Keys

ACDSee Shortcut Keys

ACDSee is an image organizer, viewer, and picture editor program for home windows, macOS and iOS, developed by using ACD systems international Inc. ACDSee turned into in the beginning disbursed as a 16-bit application for home windows and later supplanted with the aid of a 32-bit version for home windows ninety five.[1] ACDSee seasoned 6 adds native sixty four-bit support.

\ – Tag/Untag Image
= – Zoom in Image
Alt+1..5 – Assign a color label
Alt+0 – Remove assigned color label
Alt+\ – Toogle Zoom lock On/Off
Alt+D – Open Edit Caption Dialog Box
Alt+M – Move current item to a folder you specify
Alt+O – Open ACDSee Pro Options Dialog Box
Alt+R – Open Rename Dialog Box
Alt+S – Start/Stop Auto Advance Slideshow
Alt+X – Remove currently displayed item from Image Basket in Manage Mode
B – Displays/Hide Status Bar
Alt+. – Move focus in Properties Pane in Next tab
Alt+Enter – Open/Close Properties Pane
Alt+Down Arrow – Zoom Image to Fit the Height
Alt+Right Arrow – Zoom Image to Fit the Width
Backspace – Display Previous Item in Slideshow, Auto Advance or View SequenceCtrl+1..5 – Assign Rating
Ctrl+0 – Remove Rating
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Show Previous Image
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Show Next Image
Ctrl+A – Show/Hide Header and Footers
Ctrl+B – Add Currently Displayed Item to Image Basket
Ctrl+D – Open Selected Image in Develop Mode
Ctrl+E – Open Selected Image in Edit Mode
Ctrl+F – Open Batch convert File Format Dialog Box
Ctrl+O – Open File Dialog Box
Ctrl+T – Open Batch Adjust TimeStamp Dialog Box
Ctrl+J – Open Batch Rotate/Flip Images Dialog Box
Ctrl+-/Ctrl++ – Reduce/Increase Magnification of Area inside magnifying Glass Pane
Ctrl+F4 – Close Current Item
Ctrl+W – Close ACDSee
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow – Rotate Current Image 90 counter clock wise
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow – Rotate Current Image 90 Clock Wise
Ctrl+Alt+B – Open Batch Edit dialog Box
Ctrl+Alt+E – Open Export Dialog Box
Ctrl+Alt+L – Open Previous Image
Ctrl+Alt+W – Sets Selected Image as a Stretched Desktop Wallpaper
Ctrl+Alt+X – Open Current Image in Default Eternal Editor
Ctrl+Shift+A – Open/Close Histogram Pane
Ctrl+Shift+F – Toggle Full Screen Mode
Ctrl+Shift+S – Open/Close Navigator Pane
Ctrl+Shift+T – Show/Hide Bottom Toolbar
Ctrl+Shift+1 – Change Image Color Depth to Black and white
Ctrl+Shift+2 – Change Image Color Depth to 16 Grays
Ctrl+Shift+3 – Change Image Color Depth to 256 Grays
Ctrl+Shift+4 – Change Image Color Depth to 16 colors
Ctrl+Shift+5 – Change Image Color Depth to 256 colors
Ctrl+Shift+6 – Change Image Color Depth to Hicolor
Ctrl+Shift+7 – Change Image Color Depth to Truecolor
E – Toggle Exposure Warning On/off
End – Display Last Selected Item
F – Toggle Full Screen Mode
F1 – Open ACDSee pro Help File
F2 – Open Rename File Dialog Box
F5 – efreshes View Mode Window and Relods Current Image
L – Toggle Pan lock
Shift+Delete – Remove Current Item from Hard Drive
Enter – Close View Mode and Returns to Previous Mode
Esc – Close current Dialog Box/Close View Mode and Returns Previous Mode

ACDSee Shortcut Keys PDF

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