Ace Projects Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Ace Projects Shortcut Keys

Ace Projects Shortcut Keys

AceProject gives a unfastened fully-enabled primary package, with fewer privileges than paid packages with regards to the wide variety of customers, tasks, tasks and quantity of garage area. presenting this package deal has been the key to organising our initial consider. It every now and then takes a little time, and no longer a tribulation quit-date, to decide.

Ctrl+D – Remove line
Alt+Shift+Down Arrow – Copy lines down
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow – Copy lines up
Alt+Down Arrow – Move lines down
Alt+Up Arrow – Move lines up
Alt+Delete – Remove to line end
Alt+Bkspace – Remove to linestart
Ctrl+Bkspace – Remove word left
Ctrl+Delete – Remove word right
Left Arrow – Go to left
Right Arrow – Go to right
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Go to word left
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Go to word right
Up Arrow – Go line up
Down Arrow – Go line down
Alt+Left ArrowHome – Go to line start
Alt+Right Arrow/End – Go to line end
PgUp – Go to page up
PgDn – Go to page down
Ctrl+Home – Go to start
Ctrl+End – Go to end
Ctrl+L – Go to line
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Scroll line down
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Scroll line up
Ctrl+P – Go to matching bracket
Ctrl+A – Select all
Shift+Left Arrow – Select left
Shift+Right Arrow – Select right
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow – Select word left
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow – Select word right
Shift+Home – Select line start
Shift+End – Select line end
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow – Select to line end
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow – Select to line start
Shift+Up Arrow – Select up
Shift+Down Arrow – Select down
Shift+PgUp – Select page up
Shift+PgDn – Select page down
Ctrl+Shift+Home – Select to start
Ctrl+Shift+End – Select to end
Ctrl+Shift+D – Duplicate selection
Ctrl+Shift+P – Select to matching bracket
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow – Add multi+cursor above
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow – Add multi+cursor below
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow – Add next occurrence to multi+selection
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow – Add previous occurrence to multi+selection
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up Arrow – Move multicursor from current line to the line aboveCtrl+Alt+Shift+Down Arrow – Move multicursor from current line to the line belowCtrl+Alt+Shift+Right Arrow – Remove current occurrence from multi+selection and move to next
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Arrow – Remove current occurrence from multi+selection and move to previous
Ctrl+Shift+L – Select all from multi+selection
Ctrl+F – Find
Ctrl+H – Replace
Ctrl+K – Find next
Ctrl+Shift+K – Find previous
Alt+L/Ctrl+F1 – Fold selection
Alt+Shift+L/Ctrl+Shift+F1 – Unfold
Alt+0 – Fold all
Alt+Shift+0 – Unfold all
Tab – Indent
Shift+Tab – Outdent
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z/Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+, – Show the settings menu
Ctrl+/ – Toggle comment
Ctrl+T – Transpose letters
Ctrl+Enter – Enter full screen
Ctrl+Shift+U – Change to lower case
Ctrl+U – Change to upper case
Insert – Overwrite
Ctrl+Shift+E – Macros replay
Ctrl+Alt+E – Macros recording
Delete – Delete

Ace Projects Shortcut Keys PDF

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