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Adobe Bridge shortcut keys

Adobe Bridge is a virtual asset management app evolved by means of Adobe structures and first launched with Adobe innovative Suite v2. it’s far a obligatory factor of Adobe creative Suite, Adobe eLearning Suite, Adobe Technical communication Suite and Adobe Photoshop CS2 thru CS6. beginning with innovative Cloud, but, it has grow to be an optionally available factor downloaded via innovative Cloud subscription.Adobe Bridge is often used to organize documents by renaming a group of them without delay, assigning colored labels or megastar ratings assigned to files from the respective Adobe software suite, edit embedded or related XMP and IPTC facts Interchange model metadata, or kind or categorize them based totally on their metadata. it is able to make use of these options through specific versions of a document this is a part of an Adobe version Cue challenge. but, it lacks the picture enhancing capabilities of Adobe Lightroom. image files can be shown in one of a kind sized thumbnails, slide indicates or lists. each folder, which can be bookmarked, has a cache record for dashing up rendering time of pix when viewing a thumbnail. The cache can be in a single important area or in person folders.

Adobe Bridge Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information
Ctrl + / Go to next view
Ctrl + Shift + / Go to previous view
Tab Show/hide panels
Ctrl + + Increase thumbnail size
Ctrl + – Decrease thumbnail size
Ctrl + Shift + + Step thumbnail size up
Ctrl + Shift + – Step thumbnail size down
Top Arrow Move up a folder (in Folders panel or a row)
Bottom Arrow Move down a folder (in Folders panel or a row)
Ctrl + Top Arrow Move up a level (in Folders panel)
Left Arrow Move left one item
Right Arrow Move right one item
Home Move to the first item
End Move to the last item
Ctrl + Click Add to selection (discontiguous)
F5 Refresh Contents panels
Shift + Right Arrow Add an item to the selection
F1 Display Help
Tab Rename next (with filename selected in Content panel)
Shift + Tab Rename previous (with filename selected in Content panel)
Ctrl + Alt + 1 through 5 Show items with star rating of 1-5 or higher in Filter panel
Ctrl + Alt + 6 through 9 Show items with labels 1-4 in Filter panel
Shift + Click Show all items with selected rating or higher in Filter panel
Ctrl + Alt + A Clear filters
Alt + Click Select inverse in Filter panel
Click Display Loupe tool in Preview panel or Review mode
Click Move Loupe tool
Ctrl + Click Move multiple Loupe tools simultaneously
+ Zoom in with Loupe tool
– Zoom out with Loupe tool
Ctrl + + Zoom in with Loupe tool (multiple selection)
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