Adobe ColdFusion Builder Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Adobe ColdFusion Builder Shortcut Keys

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is the call for Adobe’s Eclipse-based totally improvement IDE that may be used to construct packages for ColdFusion. The product’s authentic codename, “Bolt”, is a connection with the original lightning icon for ColdFusion from the Allaire days. In 2010, Adobe released the product and formally renamed it Adobe ColdFusion Builder, often called CFBuilder.

Ctrl+T then L – Insert Anchor Tag
Ctrl+T then B – Insert Bold Tag
Ctrl+T then R – Insert
Ctrl+T then A – Insert cfabort
Ctrl+T then D – Insert cfdump
Ctrl+T then S – Insert cfscript block
Ctrl+T then = – Insert cfset
Ctrl+T then / – Insert HTML Comment
Ctrl+T then I – Insert Italic tag
Ctrl+T then N – Insert nbsp tag
Ctrl+T then K – Insert strong tag
Ctrl+T then P – Insert Paragraph tag
Ctrl+T then H – Wrap in ##
Ctrl+T then O – Wrap in cfoutput
Ctrl+T then T – Wrap in try/catch
Ctrl+T then M – Wrap/Unwrap in CF Comment
Ctrl+Shift+8 – Wrap/Unwrap in CF Script Comment
Ctrl+’ – Wrap in Single Quotes
Ctrl+Shift+’ – Wrap in Double Quotes
Ctrl+Alt+W then A – Add CF Server
Ctrl+Alt+W then I – Import CF Projects
Ctrl+Alt+W then R – Launch RDS Query Builder
Ctrl+Alt+W then P – New CF Project
Ctrl+Alt+W then C – New CF C
Ctrl+Alt+W then W – New CFI
Ctrl+Alt+W then M – New CFM
Ctrl+Alt+W then S – SQL Editor
Ctrl+Shift+E then M – Import Extension
Ctrl+Shift+E then I – Install Extension
Ctrl+Shift+E then R – Reload Extension
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow – Go to Next Member
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow – Go to Previous Member
Ctrl+] – Jump to Next Attribute Value
Ctrl+[ – Jump to Previous Attribute Value
Ctrl+Alt+M – Jump to Matching Tag
Ctrl+Alt+E – Launch in External Browser
Ctrl+Shift+U – UpperCase
Ctrl+Shift+L – LowerCase
Ctrl+Alt+B – Select Tag Block
Ctrl+Alt+F – Toggle Folding at Selection
Ctrl+Shift+T – Tag Editor

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