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Adobe Illustrator shortcut keys

Adobe Speedgrade Shortcuts. SpeedGrade is a coloration grading software that promises layer-based color correction and look layout gear to make certain that virtual video initiatives are visually consistent and aesthetically compelling. SpeedGrade is for editors, filmmakers, colorists and visible consequences artists who want to take their creative work to the subsequent level in a expert grading surroundings.Adobe has modified the names of the goods of the Acrobat set several times, additionally dividing, merging, or discontinuing merchandise. initially, the name “Acrobat” was used as the discern call of a fixed of merchandise which included Acrobat Reader, Acrobat change and Acrobat Distiller. over the years, Acrobat Reader have become Reader; and the name Acrobat trade became simplified to Acrobat. among variations three and 5, fashionable and expert versions were one product known certainly as Acrobat.

Adobe Illustrator Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
Ctrl + Alt + Tab To switch between Selection and Direct Selection tools Selecting and Moving
Alt + Click Tool To cycle through tools behind column tool Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + 2 Lock selected artwork Selecting and Moving
Alt To make copy while dragging Selecting and Moving
Shift To add to a selection Selecting and Moving
Shift + Any Arrow Key Move Selection 10 pts Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 2 Lock all deselected artwork Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Unlock all artwork Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + 3 Hide selected artwork
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3 Hide all deselected artwork Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Show all artwork Selecting and Moving
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J Join and Average at same time Path Editing
Alt Convert Anchor Point tool from Pen tool Path Editing
Alt Switch between Add Anchor Point and Delete Anchor Point tools Path Editing
Space Move anchor point while drawing with Pen tool Path Editing
When finished drawing, hold Alt and release mouse Create closed path with Pencil or Paintbrush tool Path Editing
Ctrl + Drag Connect to an open (& selected) path with Pencil Path Editing
Alt Eyedropper tool from Live Paint Bucket tool Painting and Transforming
Shift Samples intermediate color from gradient, picture, etc. with eyedropper Painting and Transforming
Alt + click with Tool Sets center point and shows dialog Painting and Transforming
Alt + Drag Duplicates and transforms selection Painting and Transforming
Shift + drag bounding box Scale proportionally with Selection tool Painting and Transforming
Alt + drag bounding box Scale from center with Selection tool Painting and Transforming
Shift + Drag Move mesh point along path with Mesh tool Painting and Transforming
Alt + Click Remove mesh point with Mesh tool Painting and Transforming
Shift + Click Add mesh point with Mesh tool without changing color Painting and Transforming
Alt Draw from center Shapes (While Drawing)
Alt + Click Draw from center with dialog Shapes (While Drawing)
Shift Constrain proportion Shapes (While Drawing)
Space Move object while drawing Shapes (While Drawing)
Ctrl Decrease inner radius Shapes (While Drawing)
V Selection Tools
A Direct Selection Tools
Y Magic Wand Tools
Q Lasso Tools
P Pen Tools
+ Add Anchor point Tools
Delete Anchor point Tools
Shift + C Convert Anchor point Tools
T Type Tools
/ Line Segment Tools
M Rectangle Tools
L Ellipse Tools
B Paintbrush Tools
N Pencil Tools
Shift + B Blob Brush Tools
Shift + E Eraser Tools
C Scissors Tools
R Rotate Tools
O Reflect Tools
S Scale Tools
Shift + R Warp Tools
E Free Transform Tools
Shift + S Symbol Sprayer Tools
J Column Graph Tools
U Mesh Tools
G Gradient Tools
I Eyedropper Tools
F8 Create New Symbol Miscellaneous
Alt + Drag a color stop onto another Swap Colors in a Gradient Miscellaneous
Shift + Enter Apply a value, but keep value highlighted in panel Miscellaneous
Hold Crtl–Shift while creating Create a swatch as a global color Miscellaneous
Alt + drag new swatch over old Replace a swatch with another Swatches Panel Shortcuts
Shift + drag color slider Saturate/Desaturate current color Color Panel Shortcuts
Shift + click color bar Change Color Mode Color Panel Shortcuts
Ctrl + click color bar Select compliment of current color Color Panel Shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease type size Type
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase type size Type
Ctrl + Shift + L Align type left, right, center Type
Ctrl + Shift + J Justify type Type
Ctrl + Shift + F Justify last line Type
Ctrl + Shift + X Reset horizontal/vertical scale to 100% Type
Ctrl + Alt + Q Reset kerning or tracking to 0 Type
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