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Adobe Speedgrade

Adobe Speedgrade Shortcuts. SpeedGrade is a coloration grading software that promises layer-based color correction and look layout gear to make certain that virtual video initiatives are visually consistent and aesthetically compelling. SpeedGrade is for editors, filmmakers, colorists and visible consequences artists who want to take their creative work to the subsequent level in a expert grading surroundings.

Adobe Speedgrade Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key Information State
F1 Show Help Application shortcuts
P Show or hide grading panels Application shortcuts
S Show or hide Settings window Application shortcuts
D Show Desktop Application shortcuts
Ctrl + S Save Timeline Application shortcuts
Ctrl + R Show or hide Render window Application shortcuts
Ctrl + H Show History panel Application shortcuts
Alt + Enter Toggle Fullscreen mode Application shortcuts
Shift + H Toggle Image-only mode Application shortcuts
Esc Escape Image-only mode Application shortcuts
M Show or hide Metadata display Application shortcuts
Shift + X Toggle mouse between main and SDI display Application shortcuts
Alt + F12 Reconnect CP200 panels Application shortcuts
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + D Show or hide Dual DVI window (toggle) Application shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + R Show the Reel browser Application shortcuts
Esc Close Preferences window Application shortcuts
Alt + F4 Close application Application shortcuts
Space Play/Pause Playback shortcuts
Shift + Space Reverse playback Playback shortcuts
Left Arrow Step back one frame Playback shortcuts
Right Arrow Step forward one frame Playback shortcuts
PgDN Decrease playback FPS Playback shortcuts
PgUp Increase playback FPS Playback shortcuts
F6 Switch between single play, loop, and ping-pong playback mode Playback shortcuts
Alt + M Mirror image horizontally Playback shortcuts
Shift + M Mirror image vertically Playback shortcuts
Shift + Ctrl + F5 Clear memory (unload all frames) Playback shortcuts
F5 Reload changed frames from disk Playback shortcuts
L Playback forward Playback shortcuts
J Playback backward Playback shortcuts
K Stop Playback shortcuts




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