Age of Empires Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Age of Empires Shortcut Keys

Age of Empires Shortcut Keys

Age of Empires is a sequence of personal computer games at the beginning evolved by means of Ensemble Studios and posted by means of Microsoft Studios. the primary identify of the collection became Age of Empires, launched in 1997. considering then, seven titles and 3 spin-offs were released. The titles are historic actual-time method video games.

Ctrl+A – Select and view Archery Range
Ctrl+B – Go to barracks
Ctrl+S – Go to blacksmith
Ctrl+V – Go to castle
Ctrl+D – Go to dock
Ctrl+Z – Go to lumber camp
Ctrl+M – Go to Market
Ctrl+I – Go to Mill
Ctrl+G – Go to Mining Camp
Y – Go to Monastery
, – Go to Idle Mllitary
. – Go to Idle Villager
Space – Go to Selected Object
H – Go to Town Center
Ctrl+K – Go to Siege Workshop
Ctrl+L – Go to Stable
Ctrl+U – Go to University
F3 – Pause The Game
Backspace – Go to Previous View
F12 – Save the game
T – Atack ground
C – Convert
Delete – Delete unit
B/V – Build
G – Garrison
E – Heal
P – Pack
R – Repair
I – Set gather point
S – Stop
L – Unload
U – Unpack
Ctrl+V+R – Build Trebuchet
Ctrl+V+T – Buils Unique Unit
Ctrl+V+P – Build Petard
B+A – Build Archery Range
B+S – Build blacksmith
B+V – Build castle
B+F – Build farm
B+/ – Build gate
B+G – Build mining camp
B+Q – Build outpost
B+E – Build house
B+I – Build mill
B+N – Build postside wall
B+L – Build stable
B+B – Build barracks
B+J – Build bombard tower
B+D – Build dock
B+R – Build fish trap
B+Z – Build lumber camp
B+W – Build wall
B+T – Build tower
B+M – Build market
B+Y – Build Monastery
B+K – Build siege workshop
B+U – Build university
B+W – Build stone wall
B+T – Build tower
B+O – Build wonder
B+N – Build town center
H+W – Go back work
H+B – Ring town bell
H+C – Create villager
Ctrl+D+G – Longboat
Ctrl+D+D – Canon galleon
Ctrl+D+F – Demolition ship or heavy demolition ship
Ctrl+D+R – Fishing ship
Ctrl+D+T – Fire ship or fast fire ship
Ctrl+D+A – Trade dog
Ctrl+D+S – Galley, War galley, or Galleon
Ctrl+D+P – Transport ship
Ctrl+D+S – Turtle ship or Elite turtle ship
Ctrl+B+G – Eagle Warrior or Elite Eagle Warrior
Ctrl+B+R – Huskarl or Elite Huskarl
Ctrl+B+S – Militia, Man-at-Arm, Champion
Ctrl+B+E – Spareman, Pikeman, or Helberdier
Ctrl+A+A – Archer or Arbalest
Ctrl+A+C – Carvalry Ancher
Ctrl+A+E – Hand cannoneer
Ctrl+A+R – Skirmisher or elite skirmisher
Ctrl+L+C – Camel
Ctrl+L+N – Knight, Paladin
Ctrl+L+T – Scout cavalry
Ctrl+K+R – Battering Ram, Capped Ram, or Siege Ram
Ctrl+K+C – Bombard Cannon
Ctrl+K+A – Mangonel, Onager
Ctrl+K+N – Scorpion
Ctrl+Y+S – Missionary
Ctrl+Y+T – Monk
Ctrl+M+T – Trade cart
Ctrl+I+F – Reseed Farm
A – Agressive
W – Box
D – Defensive
F – Plank
C – Follow
X – Guard
Q – Line
O – No attack
Z – Patrol
E – Staggered
N – Stand ground

Age of Empires Shortcut Keys PDF

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