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Alphacam Shortcut Keys

Alphacam Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Alphacam Shortcut Keys

F1 – Help
F2 – Auto Snap On/Off
F3 – Ortho Mode On/Off
F4 – Close and Finish
F5 – Grid Snap On/Off
F6 – Snap to End Point
F7 – Snap to Mid Point
F8 – Snap to Center
F9 – Snap to Intersection
F10 – Snap to Tangent
F11 – Snap to Perpendicular
F12 – Snap to Parallel
Ctrl+N – New File
Ctrl+O – Open File
Ctrl+Insert – Insert Alphacam Drawing
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+I – Input CAD
Ctrl+L – List NC
Ctrl+M – Clear Memory
Ctrl+P – Printer/Plotter
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Delete – Delete
Ctrl+F – Start Point
Ctrl+H – Change
Ctrl+A – Zoom All
Ctrl+W – Zoom Window
Ctrl+B – Zoom Previous
Ctrl+R – Redraw
Ctrl+G – Ghost Tools
Ctrl+T – Text
Ctrl+D – Dimension
Ctrl+U – User Layers
Ctrl+E – Edit Operations

Alphacam Shortcut Keys PDF

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Alphacam Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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