Amazon Kindle Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Amazon Kindle Shortcut Keys

Amazon Kindle Shortcut Keys

The Amazon Kindle is a sequence of e-readers designed and marketed by using Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, purchase, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other virtual media via wi-fi networking to the Kindle save.[5] The hardware platform, evolved via Amazon subsidiary Lab126, commenced as a unmarried tool and now comprises more than a few devices, along with e-readers with E Ink digital paper presentations, Android-primarily based capsules with color liquid crystal display displays and Kindle packages on all primary computing systems. All Kindle gadgets integrate with Kindle store content, and as of December 2017, the store has nealy five.nine million e-books available inside the united states of america.

Ctrl+Alt+L – Go to Home
Ctrl+Q – Quit Application
F5 – Synchronize
F1 – Help
Tab – Move Focus to Next Enabled Control
Up Arrow – Move the focus to the book above the current selection
Right Arrow – Move the focus of the book to the right of the current selectionLeft Arrow – Move the focus of the book to the left of the current selectionDown Arrow – Move the focus of the book below the current selection
PgUp – Scroll the list of books up one page
PgDn – Scroll the list of books down one page
Ctrl+Enter+O – Open selected book to last (go to last page read)
Ctrl+Alt+R – Sort by Most Recent
Ctrl+Alt+T – Sort by Title
Ctrl+Alt+U – Sort by Author
PgDn/Down Arrow – Next Page
PgUp/Up Arrow – Previous Page
Bkspace – Back
Ctrl++ – Zoom Font
Ctrl+- – Zoom out Font
Ctrl+D – Bookmark
Ctrl+B – Open/Close Notes and Marks
Ctrl+W – Close book
Ctrl+F – Search
F11 – Toggle Full Screen Mode
Esc – Exit FullScreen Mode
Ctrl+Shift+F – Open Flashcard Side Panel
Ctrl+Spacebar – Flip Flashcard
Ctrl+Shift+N – Export to Flashcards from Notebook
Ctrl+Alt+E – Export Notes from Notebook
Ctrl+T – Toggle Text to Speech
Spacebar – Pause/Resume Reading
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow – Read the Previous Sentence
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow – Skip Forward One Sentence
Shift++ – Increase Speech Rate
Shift+- – Decrease Speech Rate
Ctrl+Shift+C – Toggle Continuous Reading

Amazon Kindle Shortcut Keys PDF

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