Android Emulator Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Android Emulator Shortcut Keys

Android Emulator Shortcut Keys

In computing, an emulator is hardware or software that allows one laptop device (referred to as the host) to act like any other laptop machine (known as the visitor). An emulator normally enables the host machine to run software program or use peripheral devices designed for the guest device.

Home – Home Button
F2 – Left Softkey / Menu / Settings button (or Page up)
Shift+f2 – Right Softkey / Star button (or Page down)
Esc – Back Button
F3 – Call/ dial Button
F4 – Hang up / end call button
F5 – Search Button
Ctrl+F5 – Volume up (or + on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off)
Ctrl+F6 – Volume down (or – on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off
F7 – Power Button
Ctrl+F3 – Camera Button (or Ctrl+5 on numeric keyboard withNum Lock off)
Ctrl+F11 – Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape backwards (or 7 on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off)
Ctrl+F12 – Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape forwards (or 9 on on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off)
F8 – Toggle cell network
F9 – Toggle code profiling (requires –trace startup option)
Alt+Enter – Toggle fullscreen mode
F6 – Toggle trackball mode
Del – Enter trackball mode while key is pressed
4/8/6/2 – DPad left/up/right/down (numeric keypad with Num Lock off)
5 – DPad center click (numeric keypad with Num Lock off)

Android Emulator Shortcut Keys PDF

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