Ansys Mechanical Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Ansys Mechanical Shortcut Keys

Ansys Mechanical Shortcut Keys

ANSYS Mechanical is a finite detail evaluation tool for structural evaluation, which includes linear, nonlinear and dynamic studies. This pc simulation product gives finite factors to version conduct, and supports material fashions and equation solvers for a extensive range of mechanical layout troubles.

F1 – Open echanical User Guide
F2 – Rename Selected Tree Object
F3 – Open Tree Search Dialog Box
Ctrl+G – Group Tree Objects
Ctrl+Shift+G – Ungroup Tree Objects
Ctrl+S – Save Project
F6 – Toggle Between Shaded Exterior and Edge,Shaded Exterior and Wireframe ViewsF7 – Executes Zoom to Fit Options
F8 – Hide Selected Faces
F9 – Hide Selected Bodies
Ctrl+F9 – Hide All Other Bodies
Shift+F9 – Show All Bodies
Ctrl+A – Selects All Entities based on Active Selection Filter
Ctrl+C – Copy Content of Graphic Window into Clipboard
Ctrl+P – Activate Vertex Selection
Ctrl+E – Activate Edge Selection
Ctrl+F – Activate Face Selection
Ctrl+B – Activate Body Selection
Ctrl+N – Activate Node Selection
Ctrl+M – Activate Element Selection
Shift+F1 – Activate Extend to Adjacent Selection
Shift+F2 – Activate Extend to Limits Selection
Shift+F3 – Activate Extend to Connection Selection
Shift+F4 – Activate Extend to Instances Selection

Ansys Mechanical Shortcut Keys PDF

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