Autodesk Inventor Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Autodesk Inventor Shortcut Keys

Autodesk Inventor Shortcut Keys

Autodesk Inventor, developed by using U.S. primarily based software program enterprise Autodesk, is a laptop-aided layout software for 3D mechanical layout, simulation, visualization, and documentation. With Inventor software program, engineers can combine 2nd and 3-d information into a unmarried design environment, growing a digital illustration of the final product that permits them to validate the form, healthy, and function of the product before it’s far ever constructed. Autodesk Inventor consists of powerful parametric, direct edit and freeform modeling equipment in addition to multi-CAD translation skills and in their standard DWG™ drawings. Inventor makes use of ShapeManager, Autodesk’s proprietary geometric modeling kernel. Autodesk Inventor competes without delay with SolidWorks, solid aspect, and Creo.

F1 – Help
F2 – Pan
F3 – Zoom Selected
F4 – Rotate
F5 – Previous view
F6 – Home view
F7 – Slice graphics
F8 – Show all constrains
F9 – Hide all constaints
F10 – Sketch Visibility
Alt+Drag mouse – MATE CONSTRAINT / Applies a mate constraint
Ctrl+H – REPLACE COMPONENT / Replaces one assembly component with another component
Shift+Tab – PROMOTE / Removes a part from a subassembly and makes it an individual part in the parent assembly
Ctrl+D – OPEN DRAWING / Opens drawing
Alt+T – TOGGLE TRANSPARENT STATE / Toggles transparency
Alt+V – VISIBILITY / Changes the visibility of an assembly component in the graphics window
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+F – FInd
Ctrl+N – New file dialog box
Ctrl+O – Open dialog box
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Delete – Delete
F2 – Rename
Quit – Exit
Shift+Right click – Select command menu
Alt+] – User work plane visibility
Alt+ . – User work points visibility
Alt+/ – User work axes visibility
Ctrl+ . – Origin points visibility
Ctrl+] – Origin plane visibility
Ctrl+/ – Origin axes visibility
Ctrl+0 – Switch screen
Ctrl+Shift+E – Degrees of freedom
Ctrl+Shift+Q – iMate Glyph
Ctrl+W – Steering wheels
End – Zoom selected
Home – Zoom all
Page up – Look at a selected entity
Shift+F3 – Zoom window
Shift+F5 – Next view
Shift+Middle mouse click – Rotate
Ctrl+Shift+N – New sheet
Ctrl+Shift+T – Leader text
Alt+C – Create drawing view
Ctrl+Shift+K – Chamfer
Ctrl+Shift+L – Loft
Ctrl+Shift+M – Mirror
Ctrl+Shift+O – Circular pattern
Ctrl+Shift+R – Rectangular pattern
Ctrl+Shift+S – Sweep
= – Equal
Ctrl+R – Ortho mode
Ctrl+D – Dynamic dimension
Ctrl+Shift+P – Snap object
Ctrl+I – Infer constraints
Alt+F8 – Macros
Alt+F11 – Visual basic editor
Alt+A – Switch Browser pane forward
Alt+S – Switch Browser pane backward
ESC – Cancle

; – Grounded work point
/ – Work axis
] – Work plane
. – Work point
BA – Uto balloon
CAT – Caterpillar
CL – Centerline
CM – Center mark
DM – Datum identifier
EF – End fill
F – Feature control frame
FI – Feature Identifier symbol
HTF – Hole table-features
HTS – Hole table- selection
LE – Leader text
PL – Parts list
RT – Revision tag
ST – Surface texture symbol
RTB – Revision table
SY – Symbols
T – Text
TB – Table
C – Constraints
CO – Copy components
G – Rotate components
IA – Analyse interference
MI – Mirror components
N – Create component
P – Place component
PC – Pattern component
RA – Replace all
V – Move component
AR – Automatic route
BR – Chech bend radius
BS – Broken sketch entity
CA – Connector authoring
CC – Create cable
CF – Create fold
CR – Create ribbon cable
CS – Create segment

Autodesk Inventor Shortcut Keys PDF

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