Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys

Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys

Mudbox is a proprietary computer-primarily based 3-d sculpting and portray tool. presently advanced by using Autodesk, Mudbox became created by Skymatter, founded by means of Tibor Madjar, David Cardwell and Andrew Camenisch, former artists of Weta digital, wherein it was first used to provide the 2005 Peter Jackson remake of King Kong. Mudbox’s number one application is high-resolution virtual sculpting, texture portray, and displacement and ordinary map creation, despite the fact that it is also used as a layout tool.

Alt+Drag – Rotate the camera
Alt+Middle Drag – Track the camera
Alt+Right Drag – Dolly the camera
Alt+Shift+Middle Drag – Roll the camera
F – Focus on a location on the model
A – Frame All
E+Drag – Rotate an image plane
E+Middle Drag – Track/transform an image plane
E+Right Drag – Adjust the depth property for an image plane
Ctrl+C – Create a curve
Enter – End a Curve
C+Drag – Rotate a curve
C+Middle Drag – Translate a curve
C+Right Drag – Scale a curve
Ctrl+H – Hide All Curves
U – Show All
H – Hide Selected
Ctrl+H – Hide All Curves
Ctrl+U – Show Selected
U – Show All
Shift+L – Flat Lighting
W – Wireframe
Shift+B – Show Both Sides
L+Drag – Light Direction
Ctrl+T – Full Screen
T – Expert Mode
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Shift+Z – Redo
Delete – Delete
Shift+F – Lock Mesh
Ctrl+Shift+F – Unlock Mesh
Shift+M – Freeze Selected
Shift+I – Invert Freeze
Shift+U – Unfreeze All
Ctrl+N – Create a new scene
Ctrl+O – Open a scene
Ctrl+S – Save current scene
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save Scene As
Alt+E – Export an image of the current 3D View as a paint layer to Photoshop (.psd)
Alt+R – Re-import a paint layer (image) of the 3D View updated in Photoshop.Ctrl+Q – Exit
F1 – View Mudbox Help
+/- – Brighten or darken HDR image
0 – Reset HDR image
1, 2, or 3 – View discrete color channels for an image
Ctrl++/Ctrl+- – Zoom in and out on an image
Alt+Drag – Pan around an image
Spacebar – Next image
Backspace – Previous image
X+Drag – Rotate the model
X+Middle Drag – Track the model
X+Right Drag – Scale the model
B+Drag – Adjust brush size
M+Drag – Adjust brush strength
Ctrl+M – Adjust color
] – Increase brush size in steps
[ – Decrease brush size in steps
– Increase brush strength in steps
; – Decrease brush strength in steps
0..9 – Select tools from left to right on the current tool tray.
Ctrl – Invert Function
Shift – Activate the Smooth or Blur tool temporarily
Shift – Turn on the Smooth Values property temporarily to smooth color applied with Freeze or Mask.
Ctrl+\ – Toggle Falloff
Shift+Alt+X – Mirror X
Shift+Alt+Y – Mirror Y
Shift+Alt+Z – Mirror Z
I – Sample color in the 3D View
Shift+Alt+T – Mirror Tangent
Shift+Alt+O – Mirror Off
Alt+T – Flatten to UV Space, Unflatten from UV Space
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+Shift+I – Invert Face Selection
Ctrl+D – Deselect All
Ctrl+] – Grow Selection
Shift+A – Select Level
Shift+S – Select Face
Left Arrow+Middle Drag – Drag Rectangle
0..9 – Select tools from left to right on the current tool tray.
S+Drag – Rotate
S+Middle Drag – Translate
S+Right Drag – Scale
Q – Activate/Deactivate
Shift+D – Add Subdivision Level
PgUp – Step Level Up
PgDn – Step Level Down
Ctrl+V – Set Topological Axis
Up Arrow – Show/Hide Texture File
Ctrl+Down Arrow – Hide all texture tiles
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Show all texture tiles
– Composite paint strokes
Ctrl+M – Open Adjust Color window

Autodesk Mudbox Shortcut Keys PDF

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