Battlefield Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Battlefield Shortcut Keys

Battlefield Shortcut Keys

Battlefield is a chain of first-individual shooter video games that commenced out on Microsoft windows and OS X with Battlefield 1942, which became launched in 2002. The collection is evolved via Swedish organisation EA cube and is published by American corporation digital Arts. The collection features a particular consciousness on massive maps, teamwork and vehicle warfare. The laptop video games in the series are in particular centered on on line multiplayer. The Battlefield collection has been performed by way of greater than 50 million players international as of 2012, across eleven video games and 12 expansion packs released due to the fact its inception in 2002.

W/A/S/D – Move as direction
Left Shift – Sprint
Mouse – Camera Control
Left Ctrl – Crouch
X – Toggle Crouch
Z – Prone
Spacebar – Jump / Vault
Backspace – Battlelog
Left Click – Fire Weapon
Right Click – Aim
R – Reload
Hold R – Pick Up Item
Q – Engage / Spot
Hold Q – Tactical Visor / CommoRose
Mouse Wheel – Switch Weapon
1/2/3/4/5 – Switch Gadget
G – Throw Grenade
E – Interact
T – Accessory
V – Fire Mode
J – All Chat
K – Team Chat
L – Squad Chat
Esc – Game Menu
Tab – Scoreboard
F1..F6 – Vehicle Slots
Q – Engage/Spot
Hold the trigger down for continuous fire. – Full Auto
Pulling the trigger fires one round at a time – Semi Auto
Pulling the trigger fires two to three rounds at a time – Burst Fire
Reload – Single Shot
Left Stick – Move
L3 – Sprint
Right Stick – Camera Control
Circle – Crouch
Circle – Toggle Crouch
Hold Circle – Prone
X – Jump / Vault
Select – Battlelog
R1 – Fire Weapon
L1 – Aim
Square – Reload
Hold Triangle – Pick Up Item
R2 – Engage / Spot
Hold R2 – Tactical Visor / CommoRose
Triangle – Switch Weapon
Left or Right D-Pad – Switch Gadget
L2 – Throw Grenade
Square – Interact
Up D-PAD – Accessory
Down D-PAD – Fire Mode
Options – Game Menu
Hold Start – Scoreboard
X – Vehicle Slots
Left Stick – Move
LS – Sprint
Right Stick – Camera Control
B – Crouch
B – Toggle Crouch
Hold B – Prone
A – Jump / Vault
Back – Battlelog
RT – Fire Weapon
LT – Aim
X – Reload
Hold Y – Pick Up Item
RB – Engage / Spot
Hold RB – Tactical Visor / CommoRose
Y – Switch Weapon
Left or Right D-Pad – Switch Gadget
LB – Throw Grenade
X – Interact
Up D-PAD – Accessory
Down D-PAD – Fire Mode
Start – Game Menu
Hold Start – Scoreboard
A – Vehicle Slots

Battlefield Shortcut Keys PDF

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