BrainSuite Shortcut Keys Download PDF

BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

BrainSuite Shortcut Keys

BrainSuite is a set of open source software program gear that permit in large part automated processing of magnetic resonance photos (MRI) of the human brain. The fundamental capability of those tools is to extract and parameterize the internal and outer surfaces of the cerebral cortex, to segment and label gray and white remember structures, and to investigate diffusion imaging statistics. BrainSuite also gives several equipment for visualizing and interacting with the records.

I – Show Image Display Toolbox
S – Show Surface Display Toolbox
M – Show masking Tool (Delineation Toolbox)
P – Show Painter Tool (Delineation Toolbox)
C – Show Curve Toolbox
D – Show Diffusion Toolbox
Ctrl+A – Autoscale images
Ctrl+B – Back/ Show previous surface
Ctrl+F – Forward/ Show next surface
Ctrl+G – Toggle Debug Keys
Ctrl+L – Toggle ROI Labels
Ctrl+R – Toggle first overlay volume on/off
Ctrl+M (uppercase M) – Cycle Mask mode
Ctrl+m (lowercase m) – Toggle Mask on/off
Ctrl+S – Toggle show Surfaces
Ctrl+V – Toggle show Volume slices in 3D view
Ctrl+X – Toggle show cursors
Ctrl+Z – Undo last paint action
+/- – Zoom In/ Out
* – Zoom Best Fit
/ – Zoom to 1:1 (in smallest pixel dimension)
L – Toggle lighting for 3D view
G – Toggle tensor glyphs on/off
O – Toggle ODF glyphs on/off
F – Toggle Fibers on/off
W – Toggle Wire frame mode for surfaces
X – Cycle X-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
Y – Cycle Y-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
Z – Cycle Z-plane clipping (off, positive, negative)
h (lower case h) – Reset clipping mode and position
Alt+1 – Rotate 3D view to xy view (axial, from superior)
Alt+2 – Rotate 3D view to xy view (axial, from inferior)
Alt+3 – Rotate 3D view to xz view (coronal, from posterior
Alt+4 – Rotate 3D view to xz view (coronal, from anterior)
Alt+5 – Rotate 3D view to yz view (sagittal, from right)
Alt+6 – Rotate 3D view to yz view (sagittal, from left)
1 – Show Connectivity for Cortical Areas
2 – Show Connectivity for Frontal Lobe
3 – Show Connectivity for Parietal Lobe
4 – Show Connectivity for Temporal Lobe
5 – Show Connectivity for Occipital Lobe
6 – Show Connectivity for Subcortical Areas
7 – Show Connectivity for Brain Areas
8 – Show Connectivity for All Labeled Regions (includes white matter, ventricles, etc).

BrainSuite Shortcut Keys PDF

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