CA Client Automation Shortcut Keys Download PDF

CA Client Automation Shortcut Keys

consumer Automation software is an give up-user tool (pc and mobile tool) lifecycle management device for automating recurring client-control obligations including operating machine deployments and enhancements, patch management, utility software program deployment, software use monitoring, security, compliance, and faraway system control.

Alt+F4 – Exit
Ctrl+Delete – Clear
Ctrl+F – Find
F3 – Find Next
Ctrl+H – Replace
Ctrl+F9 – Run
F8 – Step Over
F7 – Trace Into
F4 – Run to Cursor
Ctrl+F5 – Add Watch
Ctrl+F7 – Evaluate
Ctrl+F2 – Terminate
Shift+F5 – Cascade
Shift+F4 – Tile

CA Client Automation Shortcut Keys PDF

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