CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut Keys Download PDF

CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut Keys

CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut Keys

CA procedure Automation, additionally referred to as “PAM”, is a method automation device from CA technology, commonly used to automate and orchestrate IT methods. Upon the discharge of model in 2011, CA technologies modified the name from CA IT system Automation manager to CA process Automation.

Alt+PgUp – Swtches between Programs from Left to Right
Alt+PgDn – Switched between Programs from Right to Left
Alt+Insert – Cycles through Programs in order they were started
Alt+Home – Display Start Menu
Ctrl+Alt+End – Brings Up the Windows Security Dialog Box
Alt+Delete – Context Menu is Shown
Ctrl+Alt+- – Place Snapshot os Active Window within Client on Remote Desktop Session Host server Clipboard

CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut Keys PDF

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