Cabinet Vision Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Cabinet Vision Shortcut Keys

Cabinet Vision Shortcut Keys

F1 – Help
F2 – Opens Wall Options
F3 – Opens Object Options
F4 – Opens Top Options
F5 – Open Molding Options
F6 – Opens Auto Fill Options
F7 – Opens CAD Options
Ctrl+C – Copy Cabinet
Ctrl+X – Cut Cabinet
Ctrl+V – Paste Cabinet
Ctrl+Click – Selects Multiple Cabinet
W – Refreshes View
G – Snaps Object to Grid
S – Snaps Object to Point
C – Snaps Cabinet Diagonally at a Wall Corner
F3 – In Wall Layout, Opens the Angle Calculator
M – In CAD,Snaps a line to midpoint
I – In CAD,Snaps a line to Interscetion
C – In CAD,Snaps a line to Circle/Arc Center

Cabinet Vision Shortcut Keys PDF

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