Call of Duty Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Call of Duty Shortcut Keys

Call of Duty Shortcut Keys

name of responsibility is a 2003 first-character shooter video game advanced by means of Infinity Ward and posted by way of Activision. it is the primary of many installments within the name of duty franchise. the game simulates infantry and mixed hands warfare of worldwide warfare II the use of a modified model of the id Tech 3 engine. an awful lot of its topic and gameplay is similar to the Medal of Honor series; however, call of responsibility showcases more than one viewpoints staged in the British, American, and Soviet theaters of global battle II.

W – Forward
A – Left
D – Right
S – Backward
E – Lean right
Q – Lean Left
F – Use
R – Reload
Shift – Run/Sprint/Hold Breath
Ctrl – Prone
Ctrl – While Sprinting dive to prone
C – Change Stance
LMB – Fire Weapon
RMB – Toggle Objects
5 – Special Actions
4 – Throw Tactical Granade
G – Throw Lethal Greanade
Spacebar – Jump/Stand
F12 – Screenshot
Tab – Display Score/Objectives
Z – Voice Chat
Y – Team Chat
T – Text Chat
F3 – Spectator View Mode
X – Equipments
Esc – Objectives/Pause menu
W(Tactical View) – Move Tactical view north on map
S(Tactical View) – Move Tactical view south on map
A(Tactical View) – Move Tactical view west on map
D(Tactical View) – Move Tactical view east on map
1 – Select Unit Type 1
2 – Select Unit type 2
3 – Select Unit type 3
4/Left Click – Click to direct unit type to position/target
5 – Select unit type 4
Tab – Enter/Leave(When Units are on screen)
bren – Bren LMG
bar – Browning Automatic Rifle
colt – Colt 45
fg42 – FG42
kar98k – Kar98k (regular)
enfield – Lee Enfield
luger – Luger
mp40 – MP40
mp44 – MP44
ppsh – PPsh
rgd-33russianfrag – RGD-33 Frag Grenade
kar98k_sniper – Scoped Kar98k
mosin_nagant_sniper – Scoped Mosin-Nagant
springfield – Springfield
sten – Sten
thompson – Thompson
m1carbine – M1A1 Carbine
fraggrenade – M2 Frag Grenade
mk1britishfrag – MK1 Frag Grenade
give – Gives player an object
give health – Full health
god – Invulnerability
/weapon 32 – Semi-Automatic Weapons
notarget – The enemies won’t shoot you
noclip – Walk through walls and such
map airfield – Play Airfield Map
map berlin – Play Berlin Map
map brecourt – Play Brecourt Map
map burnville – Play Burnville Map
map carride – Play Car Ride Map
map chateau – Play Chateau Map
map dam – Play Dam Map
map dawnville – Play Dawnville Map
map factory – Play Factory Map
map hurtgen – Play Hurtgen Map
map pathfinder – Play Pathfinder Map
map pavlov – Play Pavlov Map
map pegasusday – Play Pegasus Day Map
map pegasusnight – Play Pegasus Night Map
map powcamp – Play POW Camp Map
map railyard – Play Rail Yard Map
map redsquare – Play Red Square Map
map rocket – Play Rocket Map
map sewer – Play Sewer Map
map ship – Play Ship Map
map stalingrad – Play Stalingrad Map
map tankdrivecountry – Play Tank Drive Country Map
map tankdrivetown – Play Tank Drive Town Map
map trainstation – Play Train Station Map
map training – Play Training Map
map truckride – Play Truck Ride Map
notarget – Enemies ignore you
give ammo – Gives the player 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust May not work on some levels / crash the game
give all – Gives the player all weapons in the game as well as filling up health
give – Gives you a weapon, object or health
god – invulnerability
kill – Kills the player
toggle r_lightmap – Makes the ground and walls white
toggle cg_drawgun – Makes your weapons invisible Useful for people with lag
toggle cg_thirdperson – Puts the camera at the 3rd person view You are usually invisible though
toggle r_measureOverdraw – Puts the game in multi-colours
map_restart – Restarts the current level
toggle g_entinfo – Shows scripts above all soldiers and highlights important objects
r_vc_stats – Shows some stats about the game in the console
toggle r_showtris – Shows the game in wireframe
viewpos – Shows your co-ordinates in the console
toggle r_lockpvs – Some textures turn invisible
toggle cg_drawshader – Tells you what each texture is
noclip – Walk through walls
/set g_gravity #### – Changes the effects of gravity the lower the number the less gravity(####:1-9999)
/set g_speed #### – Changes your running speed The higher the number the faster you run(####:1-9999)
timescale # (from 1 to 10) – Slow or speed time

Call of Duty Shortcut Keys PDF

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