Clip Studio Paint Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Clip Studio Paint Shortcut Keys

Clip Studio Paint (also advertised as Manga Studio in North the usa and ComicStudio in Japan) is a circle of relatives of software packages for macOS and Microsoft windows used for the virtual creation of comics and manga, evolved via Celsys, a eastern pix software organisation.

+/- – Zoom in/Zoom out in Canvas View
Slider – Moving it to the left zooms out the canvas view while moving to the right zooms in the canvas view
Ctrl+Z – Undo Last Operation
Ctrl+0 – Fit to Screen
Ctrl+Spacebar – Zoom in (Switch to Zoom)
Alt+Spacebar – Zoom out (Switch to Zoom)
Spacebar – Move Screen (Switch to Zoom)
Shift+Spacebar – Rotate Canvas (Hold Mode) (Mouse)
R – Rotate Canvas (Sticky Mode) (Mouse)
– Rotate Step Clock wise (Keyboard)
– Rotate Step Counter Clock wise (Keyboard)
Delete – Clear
B – Brush
E – Eraser
P – Pen/Pencil (toggle between two)
F – Flood Fill
G – Toggle Gradient/Fill
L – Lasso Selection Tool
H – Hide Selection Border
Q – Quick Mask
Ctrl+Shift+N – New Layer
Ctrl+Alt+E – Change Layer Type
Ctrl+R – Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl+4 – Show/Hide Transperency
Spacebar – Move Page
Shift+Spacebar – Rotate Page
Ctrl+NumPad +/Ctrl+NumPd – – Page Zoom in/Page Zoom out
Ctrl+Alt+0 – Zoom Page to Actual Size
Ctrl+Shift+0 – Zoom Page to Print Size
Ctrl+Z – Undo Last Action
Ctrl+Y – Redo Last Action
]/[ – Increase/Decrease Brush/Line Size
4 – Switch to Black Color
5 – Switch to White Color
6 – Switch to Transparent Color
7 – Switch to Tone
Shift+Drag – Draw Straight Line/Maintain aspect Ratio fro Shape
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+D – DeSelect All
Ctrl+I – Invert Selection
Ctrl+M – Quick Mask
Ctrl+Shift+M – Quick Select
Ctrl+F – Convert Selection Layer to Selection
Ctrl+Shift+D – Convert Selection to Layer

Clip Studio Paint Shortcut Keys PDF

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