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CodeLite Shortcut Keys

CodeLite Shortcut Keys

CodeLite is a loose, open source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages the use of the wxWidgets toolkit. to conform with CodeLite’s open supply spirit, the program itself is compiled and debugged the use of best loose equipment (MinGW and GDB) for Mac OS X, windows, Linux and FreeBSD, even though CodeLite can execute any 0.33-celebration compiler or device that has a command-line interface. CodeLite also helps personal home page and JavaScript development (such as Node.js aid).

Ctrl+Z – Undo last action
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo last action
Ctrl+X – Cut selected text
Ctrl+C – Copy selected text
Ctrl+V – Paste text from clipboard
Ctrl+A – Select all text
F11 – Swap header / source
Ctrl+Shift+C – Comment highlighted code
Ctrl+Shift+X – Uncomment highlighted code
Ctrl+D – Duplicate line caret is on
Ctrl+Space/Ctrl+J – Auto-complete / Abbreviations
Ctrl+Shift+Space – Show call tip
Ctrl+T – Swap line caret is on with line above it
Ctrl+B – Toggle bookmark
Alt+ PgUp – Goto previous bookmark
Alt+ PgDown – Goto next bookmark
F12 – Toggle current block folding
Shift+F12 – Toggle all folds
Ctrl+ plus – Magnify text size.
Ctrl+- – Reduce text size.
Ctrl+/ – Restore text size to normal.
Ctrl+Tab – Cycle through recent files.
Tab – Indent block.
Shift+Tab – Dedent block.
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete to start of word.
Ctrl+Delete – Delete to end of word.
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace – Delete to start of line.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete – Delete to end of line.
Ctrl+Home – Go to start of document.
Ctrl+Shift+Home – Extend selection to start of document.
Alt+Home – Go to start of display line.
Alt+Shift+Home – Extend selection to start of display line.
Ctrl+End – Go to end of document.
Ctrl+Shift+End – Extend selection to end of document.
Alt+End – Go to end of display line.
Alt+Shift+End – Extend selection to end of display line.
Ctrl+* – Expand or contract a fold point.
Ctrl+F2 – Create or delete a bookmark.
F2 – Go to next bookmark.
Alt+F2 – Select to next bookmark.
Ctrl+F3 – Find selection.
Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Find selection backwards.
Ctrl+ Up – Scroll up.
Ctrl+ Down – Scroll down.
Ctrl+L – Line cut.
Ctrl+Shift+T – Line copy.
Ctrl+Shift+L – Line delete.
Ctrl+T – Line transpose with previous.
Ctrl+D – Line duplicate.
Ctrl+K – Find matching preprocessor conditional, skipping nested ones.
Ctrl+Shift+K – Select to matching preprocessor conditional.
Ctrl+J – Find matching preprocessor conditional backwards, skipping nested ones.
Ctrl+Shift+J – Select to matching preprocessor conditional backwards.
Ctrl+[ – Previous paragraph. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+] – Next paragraph. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+ Left – Previous word. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+ Right – Next word. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+/ – Previous word part. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+\ – Next word part. Shift extends selection.
Ctrl+N – New file or project
Ctrl+O – Open existing file or project
Ctrl+S – Save current file
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save all files
Ctrl+F4/Ctrl+W – Close current file
Ctrl+Shift+F4/Ctrl+Shift+W – Close all files
Ctrl+Tab – Activate next open file
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Activate previous open file
F2 – Show / hide Messages pane
Shift+F2 – Show / hide Management pane
Ctrl+Shift+ Up – Move project up (in Project tree)
Ctrl+Shift+ Down – Move project down (in Project tree)
Alt+F5 – Activate prior (in Project tree)
Alt+F6 – Activate next (in Project tree)
Ctrl+ Roll Mouse Wheel – Zoom in / out
Ctrl+Alt+E – Focus editor
Ctrl+F – Find
F3 – Find next
Shift+F3 – Find previous
Crtl +Shift+F – Find in files
Ctrl+R – Replace
Ctrl+Shift+R – Replace in files
Ctrl+G – Goto line
Ctrl+F3 – Goto next changed line
Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Goto previous changed line
Alt+G – Goto file
Ctrl+Alt+G – Goto function
Ctrl+ Page Up – Goto previous function
Ctrl+ Pageg Down – Goto next function
Ctrl+Shift+. – Goto declaration
Ctrl+. – Goto implementation
Ctrl+Alt+. – Open include
Ctrl+F9 – Build
Ctrl+Shift+F9 – Compile current file
Ctrl+F10 – Run
F9 – Build and Run
Ctrl+F11 – Rebuild
F8 – Debug
Ctrl+F7 – Continue debugging
F7 – Step over a code block
Shift+F7 – Step into a code block
Ctrl+Shift+F7 – Step out of a code block
F5 – Toggle breakpoint
F4 – Run to cursor
Alt+F1 – Previous error
Alt+F2 – Next error

CodeLite Shortcut Keys PDF

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