Corel Designer Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Corel Designer Shortcut Keys

Corel Designer Shortcut Keys

Corel fashion designer is a vector-based pictures application. It changed into initially advanced by using Micrografx, which became bought by using Corel in 2001.
The closing version evolved by means of Micrografx became nine.0 in 2001. This software changed into later sold as Corel designer nine. There are nevertheless some of customers who continue running with model 9.0, due to the fact more recent versions of the product are based on a modified CorelDraw in preference to the original product.

F2 – Zoom in Around Pointer
F3 – Zoom out Around Pointer
F4 – Zoom to All Objects
F5 – Refresh Drawing Window
F6 – Zoom to Selected Objects
F7 – Zoom to Page
Click on PointsandInsert – Add a point
Delete – Delete Selected Point
F2 – Activate X and Y box of Selected Point
Double Click Point – To Activate Set Point Interactively Button
Ctrl+Shift+M – Em Space
Ctrl+Shift+N – En Space
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar – 1/4 Em space
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar – NonBreaking Space
Tab – Tab
Ctrl+Enter – Column Break/TextFrame Break
Alt+_ – Em Dash
Alt+- – En Dash
Ctrl+Shift+- – NonBreaking Hyphen
Ctrl+- – Optional Hyphen

Corel Designer Shortcut Keys PDF

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