Corel Painter Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Corel Painter Shortcut Keys

Corel Painter Shortcut Keys

Corel Painter is a raster-primarily based digital art utility created to simulate as appropriately as possible the appearance and conduct of traditional media related to drawing, portray, and printmaking. it’s far intended for use in real-time by professional virtual artists as a purposeful creative device.

B – Align bottom
P – Align center page
E – Align horizontal center
R – Align right
T – Align top
C – Align vertical center
Alt+F12 – Align to baseline
F9 – Full-screen preview
Ctrl+W – Refresh window
Shift+F9 – Toggle display
Ctrl+Shift+C – Show nonprinting characters
Ctrl+F9 – Contour
Ctrl+F7 – Envelope
Ctrl+F5 – Graphic and text style
Alt+F3 – Lens
Alt+F2 – Linear dimensions
Alt+Enter – Object proprties
Alt+F7 – Position
Alt+F8 – Rotate
Alt+F9 – Scale and mirror
Alt+F10 – Size
Alt+F11 – Insert symbol and special characters
Alt+F12 – View manager
Alt+F6 – Symbols manager
Shift+B – Distribute bottom
Shift+E – Distribute centers horizontally
Shift+C – Distribute centers vertically
Shift+L – Distribute left
Shift+R – Distribute right
Shift+P – Distribute spacing horizontally
Shift+A – Distribute spacing vertically
Shift+T – Distribute top
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+Insert – Copy
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+Delete – CUt
Delete – Delete
Ctrl+D – Duplicate
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo
Ctrl+R – Repeat
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Backspace – Undo
Ctrl+E – Export
Ctrl+I – Import
Ctrl+N – New document
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save as
Ctrl+F4 – Exit
Ctrl+B – Bold
Ctrl+Shift+F – Font list
Ctrl+Shift+W – FOnt weight
Ctrl+I – Italic
Ctrl+Shift+K – Smaall caps
Ctrl+U – Underline
Ctrl+Numpad 2 – Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+P – Font size
Ctrl+Shift+H – HTML font size
Ctrl+Numpad 8 – Increase font size
Ctrl+Numpad 6 – Next font combo size
Ctrl+Numpad 4 – Previous font combo size
Shift+F3 – Change case
Ctrl+F8 – Convert text
F11 – Open fountain fill dialog
Shift+F11 – Uniform fill dialog
Ctrl+Shift+B – Color balance
Ctrl+B – Brightness/intensity
Ctrl+Shift+U – Hue/saturation
Down arrow – Nudge Down
Left arrow – Nudge left
RIght arrow – Nudge right
Up arrow – Nudge up
Shift+Down arrow – Super Nudge down
Shift+Left arrow – Super nudge left
Shift+Up arrow – Super nudge up
Shift+Right arrow – Super nudge right
Shift+Down arrow – Micro nudge down
Shift+Left arrow – Super nudge left
Shift+RIght arrow – Super nudge right
Shift+Up arrow – Super nudge up
Ctrl+Page down – Back one
Ctrl+Page up – Forward one
Shift+Page up – To back
Shift +page down – To front
Shift+F12 – Open outline color dialog
F12 – Open outline pen dialog

Page Down – Next page
Page Up – Previous page

Ctrl+M – Bullet text
Ctrl+E – Center justify
Ctrl+F8 – Convert text state
Ctrl+Shift+D – Apply drop cap
Ctrl+Shift+T – Edit text
Ctrl+H – Force justification
Ctrl+T – Format text
Ctrl+J – Full justify
Ctrl+, – Horizontal text
Ctrl+L – Left justification
Ctrl+N – No justification
Ctrl+R – Right justification
Ctrl+Period – Vertical text
N – Navigator
H – Hand tool
Alt+Down arrow – Pan down
Alt+Left arrow – Pan left
Alt+Pan arrow – Pan up
Ctrl+F2 – View manager
F2 – Zoom one shot
F3 – Zoom out
F4 – Zoom to all object
Shift+F4 – Zoom to page
Shift+F2 – Zoom to selection
I – Artistic media tools
X – Eraser tool
F7 – Ellipse tool
Shift – Toggle eyedropper and paint bucket
F5 – Freehand tool
D – Graph paper tool
H – Hand
G – Interactive fill tool
M – Mesh tool
Y – Polygon tool
F6 – Rectangle tool
F10 – Shape tool
S – Smart drawing tool
A – Spiral tool
F8 – Text tool
Spacebar – Toggle pick state
Delete – Delete character to right
Ctrl+Delete – Delete word to right
Page down – Cursor down one frame
Down arrow – Cursor down one line
Ctrl+Down arrow – Cursor left one paragraph
Left arrow – Cursor left one character
Ctrl+Left arrow – Cursor left one word
RIght arrow – Cursor right one character
Ctrl+Right arrow – Cursor right one word
Page up – Cursor up one frame
Up arrow – Cursor up one line
Ctrl+Up arrow – Cursor up one paragraph
Ctrl+Home – Cursor to start of text
Home – Cursor start of a line
Ctrl+Page up – Cursor to start of text
End – Cursor to end of line
Ctrl+Page down – Cursor to end of text
Ctrl+A – Select all text
Shift+Left arrow – Select character to left
Shift+RIght arrow – Select character to right
Shift+Page Down – Select down one frame
Shift+Down arrow – Select down one line
Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow – Select down one paragraph
Shift+Page down – Select up one frame
Shift+Up arrow – Select up one line
Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow – Select up one paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow – Select word to left
Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow – Select word to right
Ctrl+Shift+Home – Select to start of frame
Shift+Home – Select to start of line
Ctrl+Shift+Page up – Select to start of text
Ctrl+Shift+End – Select to end of frame

Corel Painter Shortcut Keys PDF

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