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Corel PhotoPaint

Corel photograph-Paint is a raster graphics editor advanced and advertised by using Corel considering 1992. Corel currently markets the software for windows running systems, previously having marketed versions for Linux (version 9, requiring Wine) and Mac OS (thru version eleven). Its number one marketplace competitor is Adobe Photoshop. In 2006, Corel released model 13 as photo-Paint X3, using this naming convention for subsequent releases in addition to for CorelDraw, blanketed with photo-Paint in CorelDraw pix Suite. The present day version is image-Paint X8. Corel has advertised a restricted edition of photo-Paint called Corel photograph-Paint pick out with HP scanning hardware, e.g., the HP ScanJet 5p scanners.

Corel PhotoPaint Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
Ctrl + N New File
Ctrl + Shift + N New From Clipboard File
Ctrl + O Open File
Ctrl + S Save File
Ctrl + Shift + Q Acquire Image > Select Source File
Ctrl + Q Acquire Image > Acquire File
Ctrl + I Import File
Ctrl + E Export File
Ctrl + P Print File
Alt + F4 Exit File
Ctrl + Z Undo Edit
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo Edit
Ctrl + L Repeat last command Edit
Ctrl + X Cut Edit
Ctrl + C Copy Edit
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy Visible Edit
Ctrl + V Paste > Paste As New Object Edit
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste > Into Selection Edit
Ctrl + Shift + N Paste > New From clipboard Edit
Ctrl + Backspace Fill Edit
F9 Full-Screen Preview Edit
Ctrl + Shift + R Rulers Edit
Ctrl + Shift + E Grid Edit
Ctrl + Y Snap to > Grid Edit
Ctrl + Shift + Y Snap to > Guidelines Edit
F2 Zoom Edit
F3 Zoom Out Edit
F4 Fit in Window Edit
Ctrl + T Tone curve Adjust
Ctrl + B Brightness Adjust
Ctrl + Shift + U Hue/Saturation/Lightness Adjust
Ctrl + Shift + B Color Balance Adjust
Ctrl + F Repeat > Last Effect Effects
Ctrl + M Create> Mask from Object(s) Adjust
Ctrl + A select All Mask
Ctrl + Shift + I Invert Mask
Ctrl + R Remove Mask
Ctrl + K Paint on Mask Mask
Ctrl + H Marquee Visible Mask
Ctrl + Top Arrow Create > Copy Selection Objects
Ctrl + Shift + Top Arrow Create > Cut Selection Objects
Ctrl + Shift + F Text > Fit Text to Path Objects
Ctrl + D Duplicate Objects
Ctrl + Shift + A Arrange > Align and Distribute Objects
Ctrl + G Arrange > Group Objects
Ctrl + U Arrange > Ungroup Objects
Shift + PgUp Arrange > Order > To front Objects
Shift + PgDN Arrange > Order > To Back Objects
Ctrl + PgUp Arrange > Order > Forward One Objects
Ctrl + PgDN Arrange > Order > Back One Objects
Ctrl + Alt + Bottom Arro Combine > Combine Objects Together Objects
Ctrl + Bottom Arrow Combine > Combine Objects w/ Background Objects
Ctrl + Shift + Bottom Arro Combine > Combine All Objects w/ Background Objects
Ctrl + Shift + F Feather Objects
Ctrl + Shift + F Marquee Visible Objects
Ctrl + Shift + G Move Frame Movie
Ctrl + J Customization Objects
Ctrl + J Customization Tools
Alt + Shift + F11 Macros > Macro Manager Tools
Alt + F11 Macros > Macro Editor Tools
Alt + Shift + F11 Macros > VSTA Editor Tools
Shift + F5 Cascade Tools
Shift + F5 Tile Horizontally Window
F9 Dockers > Channels Window
Alt + F10 Dockers > Path Window
Ctrl + F1 Dockers > Info Window
Alt + F1 Dockers > Image Slicing Window
Ctrl + F3 Dockers > Recorder Window
Alt + F9 Dockers > Undo Window
Ctrl + F10 Dockers > Artistic Media Window
Ctrl + F8 Dockers > Brush Settings Window
Ctrl + F2 Dockers > Color Window
Ctrl + F11 Dockers > Movie Window
Backspace Maximize Work Area Window
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Hide Windows Window
Ctrl + F4 close Window
F1 Help Topics Help
> Nudge Other
Shift + > Super Nudge Other
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