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A desk or bureau is a chunk of fixtures with a flat table-style paintings surface used in a college, workplace, home or the like for instructional, expert or domestic activities such as studying, writing, or the usage of system inclusive of a laptop. Desks often have one or greater drawers, cubicles, or pigeonholes to shop objects consisting of workplace components and papers.Desks are commonly product of timber or metal, despite the fact that substances together with tempered glass are from time to time visible.

? – Show keyboard shortcuts
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Previous/Next tab
G then 1…0 – Switch to tab 1-10
Ctrl+J – Previous page
Ctrl+K – Next page
/ – Quick search
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R – Toggle Routing
Esc – Close dialog
J – Previous case
K – Next case
Enter/O – Open case
Space/X – Select for bulk
Ctrl+Enter – Open selected cases
Ctrl+Shift+A – Select all
Ctrl+Shift+N – Deselect all
Ctrl+Shift+M – Toggle expand
Ctrl+Enter – Update and send
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Update, send and resolve
Ctrl+Alt+C – Toggle Close tab button
Alt+Shift+W – Close tab without saving
Ctrl+Shift+F – Go to From field
R – Go to Reply field
N – Go to Note field
L – Go to Label field
M – Go to Macro box
Ctrl+Shift+K – Open Knowledge Base
F – Forward case
G then h – Go to customer Home
G then c – Go to Company
P then 1…0 – Set Priority 1 thru 10
S then O – Set Status to Open
S then P – Set Status to Pending
S then R – Set Status to Resolved
Ctrl+Shift+C – Add CC
Ctrl+Shift+B – Add BCC Shortcut Keys PDF

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