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Dropbox shortcut keys are quite a whole lot self explanatory and usually comparable together with your working device’s everyday shortcut keys. therefore it need to be quite smooth to master them. in case you’re on a Mac gadget just update control key with command key and you’re properly to move.

Dropbox Shortcut Keys

Up Arrow  Select previous file (hold Shift to select range)

Down Arrow  Select next file (hold Shift to select range)

ctrl + a   Select all files

esc  Deselect all files (and hide these instructions)

Left Arrow   Up a folder


Right Arrow   Open folder

enter   Download or open file

ctrl + c   Copy selected file(s)

ctrl + v   Paste selected file(s) into the current folder

F2   Rename selected file

Delete   Delete selected file(s)

ctrl + z   Undo recent move/copy/rename/delete

?   Show these keyboard shortcuts

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