Dynamics CRM Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Dynamics CRM Shortcut Keys

Dynamics CRM Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer courting control software program bundle developed through Microsoft. The product focuses particularly on sales, advertising, and service (assist table) sectors, but Microsoft has been advertising and marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary (.internet based) framework to customise it. it is part of the Microsoft Dynamics circle of relatives of commercial enterprise applications.

Ctrl+Shift+5 – Minimize ribbon
Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+V – Cut, Copy, and Paste
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y – Undo / Redo previous text change
Ctrl+S – Save a record
Esc – Close a record
Delete – Delete text
Shift+Delete – Delete selected text immediately without putting it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+[/Ctrl+] – Move to the first tab / last tab on the ribbon
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Left – Move the insertion point to the start of the next word / start of the previous word
Ctrl+A – Select all text in the current field
Alt+Space – Display the System menu for the active window
Shift+F10 – Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Esc – Cancel the current task or command, or close a selected list or dialog box
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Move up / move down through a list of records
Enter – Open the selected record
Ctrl+A – Select all records on the current page
Ctrl+Shift+3 – Jump to the sitemap
Ctrl+Shift+7 – Open the recently viewed pages and view menu
Shift+Arrow Up/Shift+Arrow Down – Select multiple rows in a list sequentially
Tab to the check box, then Spacebar – Select multiple rows in a list non-sequentially
Ctrl+Enter – Publish Form Editor customization
Tab/Shift+Tab – Move to the next / move to previous option or option group
Enter – Complete the command for the active option or button
Arrow Keys – Move between options in an open list, or between options in a group of options
Esc – Cancel a command, or close a selected list or dialog box
Ctrl+S/Shift+F12 – Save
Alt+S – Save and close
Esc – Cancel edits and close (Close)
Space/Enter – Open search
Backspace – Delete text from search field
Ctrl+D – Delete the record
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save and then open a new form (Save and New)
Tab/Shift+Tab – Move forward / backwards through the form’s fields
Alt+Arrow Down – Open the lookup menu with the most recently used items in alphabetical order
Ctrl+Shift+2 – Open the list menu
Ctrl+>/Ctrl+< – Navigate to the next / previous item on the list

Dynamics CRM Shortcut Keys PDF

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