Dynamics NAV Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Dynamics NAV Shortcut Keys

Dynamics NAV Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an organization useful resource planning (ERP) app from Microsoft. The product is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and meant to assist with finance, production, purchaser relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic trade for Small and Medium-sized business enterprise and local subsidiaries of massive global businesses. For changes of the system, the proprietary programming language C/AL is used.

Home – Moving to the First field on a line
Delete – Clear or Delete Selected text
Esc – Close the current window/ Undo the Data entry
End – Move to the Last Field on a line
Right Arrow – Move to the next Character or Field
Left Arrow – Move to the previous Character or Filed
Up Arrow – Move to the field above in the Column
Down Arrow – Move to the field below in the same Column
F1 – Open help
F2 – Edit
F3 – Select type to filter
F4 – Drop-down or Look up to Select
F5 – Refresh
F6 – Go to the next Frame
F7 – Display Statistics
F8 – Copy the field above
F9 – Post
F10/Alt – Select the Menu bar and Display Access keys
Shift+F1 – View Error message
Shift+F3 – Select Show Results
Shift+F4 – Open a lookup Window
Shift+F6 – Go to the Previous frame
Shift+F10 – Display a Shortcut menu
Shift+F7 – Open the Related card
Shift+F8 – Drop-down or look up to view
Shift+F9 – Post and Print
Shift+F11 – Apply Entries, get Source documents, or get warehouse documents
Shift+F12 – Open the role center from the Navigation pane
Shift+Tab – Move to the Previous field
Ctrl+F7 – View entries
Shift+left click – On multiple column headers, the columns will all be sorted in the same ascending or descending direction.
Shift+double click – this will toggle ascending/descending direction of all the columns included in the sorting
Left-click – Left-click on a column header to sort a column ascending, then left-click again to toggle between ascending and descending.
Ctrl+F1 – Collapse the ribbon or Rxpand the Ribbon
Ctrl+F2 – Create a New Document
Ctrl+F3 – Select Search pages
Ctrl+F4 – Look up to the related list
Ctrl+F7 – View entries
Ctrl+F9 – Release document
Ctrl+F10 – Select the ribbon and display key tips
Ctrl+F11 – Reconcile or Split lines
Ctrl+F12 – Select the address bar
Ctrl+T – Select sorting
Ctrl+Page Down – Display next Document or card in a list
Ctrl+Page Up – Display previous Document or card in a list
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+G – Go to
Ctrl+L – Show links
Ctrl+N – Create a new record
Ctrl+O – Open the company
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+W – Export to Microsoft Office Word
Ctrl+E – Export to Microsoft Office Excel
Ctrl+Up arrow – Move up while the selected line stays selected
Ctrl+Down arrow – Move down while the selected line stays selected
Ctrl+Left arrow – Move to the first field on a line
Ctrl+Right arrow – Move to the last field on a line
Ctrl+Home – Move to the first line in a list
Ctrl+End – Move to the last line in a list
Ctrl+Alt+F1 – Open the About this Page/Report window
Ctrl+Delete – Delete the selected line
Ctrl+Home – Move to the first line in a list
Ctrl+End – Move to the last line in a list
Ctrl+Enter – Save and close window
Ctrl+Insert – Insert new line
Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Select Limit totals to table filter
Ctrl+Shift+A – Clear all filters
Ctrl+Shift+C – Copy Rows
Ctrl+Shift+D – Show dimensions
Ctrl+Shift+E – Edit list
Ctrl+Shift+R – View list
Ctrl+Shift+Q – Collapse/ expand a line in a hierarchy
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste rows
Ctrl+Shift+W – Open a list place in a separate window
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Save and close the window and open a new window
Alt – Display access keys in the ribbon
Alt+F2 – Toggle to display/hide FactBoxes
Alt+F3 – Filter to the value in the field
Alt+F4 – Close window or close program
Alt+F6 – Collapse or expand the active frame
Alt+F12 – Optimize space for the current page
Alt+Left Arrow – Go to the previous window in the navigation history
Alt+Left Arrow – Go to the next window in the navigation history
Alt+Enter – Move to the field below without opening the drop-down menu
Alt+Tab – Toggle between open windows

Dynamics NAV Shortcut Keys PDF

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