Dynamics SL Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Dynamics SL Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Dynamics SL is certainly one of Microsoft’s business enterprise resource making plans software program products for mission-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises. it is part of the Microsoft Dynamics product own family.

Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+D – Delete
Ctrl+F – Finish
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+Home – First
Ctrl+End – Last
Ctrl+Z – Undo paste
PgDn – Moves you record by record to most recently created
PgUp – Moves you record by record to oldest document
F1 – Opens SL Help specific to the screen you are on
F2 – In a date field, brings up the relative period or relative date values
in a text field, allows enables cursor movement inside the field (including “Home” & “End”)
F3 – Opens PV list or the calendar on date fields. If you prefer the mouse, double right click on the field
F4 – Toggles between “Field View” and “Grid View” (same as double left click)
F5 – Clears the value in a field
F7 – Inserts today’s date in a date field
F9 – Opens “Note” for editing
F10 – Puts focus on the Solomon Tool Bar
Alt+F3 – Perform a search (same as clicking the Magnifying Glass icon)
Tab – Move to the next option, option group, or field
Shift+Tab – Move to the previous option, option group, or field
Enter – Complete the command for the active option or button
Arrow keys – Move between options in an open list, or between options in a group of options
Esc – Cancel a command, or close a selected list or dialog box
Ctrl+S/Shift+F12 – Save
Alt+S – Save and Close
Esc – Cancel edits and close (Close)
Spacebar – Open search
Ctrl+D – Delete the record (when forms are in Edit mode)
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save and then open a new form (Save and New) (when forms are in Edit mode)
Alt+Down Arrow – Open the lookup menu with the most recently used items in alphabetical order
Enter – Open a lookup drop-down list
Esc – Close a lookup drop-down list
Ctrl+K – Open a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365
Enter – Open a record found in lookup with forms in Edit mode
Alt+Shift+N – Add a step in the business process editor
Ctrl+[/Ctrl+] – Tab to the Command Bar
Shift+Alt+A – Add an article to an email
Shift+Alt+T – Apply an email template (when editing an email message)
Ctrl+Shift+1 – Tab to the first section on a form or the first Tab on a grid
Ctrl+Shift+2 – Tab to a form’s associated grid navigation button
Ctrl+Shift+3 – Tab to the Navigation bar
Ctrl+Shift+8 – Tab to the Main menu button on the Navigation bar
Tab/Right Arrow – Move to next field
Shift+Tab/Left Arrow – Move to previous field
Up Arrow – Move to the cell above (or column header from the first row)
Down Arrow/Enter – Move to the cell below/When cell is not in edit mode
Type the value directly to overwrite the existing value/F2 – Go to edit mode for Text, Number, and Simple fields when the focus is on a field
Type the value directly/F4/Alt+Down Arrow to display the date/time picker – Go to edit mode for Date and Time fields
Spacebar to drop down the list – Go to edit mode for drop-down (Lookup, Option Set) fields
Spacebar to switch between the two options/F4/Alt+Down Arrowto drop down the list – Go to edit mode for Two Options fields
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move between entries in an open drop-down list
Enter – Select an option in an open drop-down list
Esc – Close an open drop-down list
Esc – Cancel your edits
Spacebar when the focus is on (→) icon – Navigate to and open the lookup record
PgDn – Move to next page (if any)
PgUp – Move to previous page (if any)
Up Arrow – Move to the column header when the focus is in the grid
Spacebar – Sort by column when the focus is on the column header
Tab – Move to Save button when the focus is on the column header (if any unsaved data)
Tab – Move to Refresh button when the focus is on the column header

Dynamics SL Shortcut Keys PDF

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