Evernote Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Evernote Shortcut Keys

Evernote Shortcut Keys

Evernote is a move-platform app designed for notice taking, organizing, and archiving. it’s far developed through the Evernote business enterprise, a personal business enterprise based in Redwood metropolis, California,u.s.. The app lets in customers to create a “word” which can be a piece of formatted text, a complete website or webpage excerpt, a picture, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” notice. Notes also can have record attachments. Notebooks can be introduced to a stack while notes can be looked after right into a pocket book, tagged, annotated, edited, given feedback, searched, and exported as a part of a pocket book.

Ctrl+Alt+n – Switch to Evernote and jump to a new note
Win+ PrintScreen – Start screen capture mode. Press Escape to cancel
Win+a – Clip selection
Win+Shift+f – Find in Evernote (Starts a new Evernote search)
Ctrl+Alt+v – Paste clipboard into Evernote as a new note
Ctrl+n – Create a new note
Ctrl+Shift+n – Create a new notebook
Ctrl+Shift+t – Create a new tag
Ctrl+Alt+t – Assign tags
F2 – Rename focused notebook, note, tag or saved search
Alt+F4 – Close child windows and hide main window (minimize to tray). Or use Escape
Ctrl+q – Exit application
F7 – Start spell-checking
F1 – Open online help web page in default browser
F9 – Start synchronization with Evernote Web
Ctrl+Alt+f – Search. If search box is empty, move focus to it, otherwise start search and move to first highlighted keyword. Also use F6}
Ctrl+Shift+a – Reset search
Ctrl+Shift+s – Create a new saved search
F5 – Cycle through note list views (Table, Mixed, Thumbnails)
Ctrl+F5 – Set note list to Table view
Ctrl+F6 – Set note list to Mixed view
Ctrl+F7 – Set note list to Thumbnails view
F10 – Toggle display of left panel
F11 – Toggle display of note list
Ctrl+F11 – Toggle display of note panel
Ctrl+F10 – Toggle display of the search explanation
F8 – Toggle display of note info panel
Ctrl+F8 – Toggle display of note editing toolbar
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Go to to previous note / go to nexst note
Page Up/Page Down – Scroll list up one page / down one page
Home/End – Go to the first note in list / last note in list
Delete – Move selected notes to trash
Ctrl+a – Select all notes
Ctrl+Enter – Open the selected note in a separate window (Alt + F4 to close window)
Ctrl+Shift+e – Send selected notes by email
Ctrl+p – Open Print dialog for selected notes
Ctrl+F2 – Open print preview window for selected notes
Enter – Places focus in the note editor of the selected note.
Ctrl+Alt+t – Open “Assign Tags” dialog
F8 – Toggle display of note info
Ctrl+F8 – Toggle display of note editing toolbar
F2 – Rename focused notebook, note, tag or saved search
F3 – Set focus to the tag field of the active note
Esc – Move focus from note editor to note list
Ctrl+f – Search within a note
Ctrl+g – Find next (or Enter)
Ctrl+Shift+g – Find Previous (or Shift+Enter)
Ctrl+s – Save current note explicitly (notes are also saved automatically)
Ctrl+a – Select All content in the current note
Ctrl+x/Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v – Cut / Copy / Paste
Ctrl+Shift+v – Paste text from clipboard as unformatted text
Ctrl+z – Undo last edit
Ctrl+y – Redo last undone edit
Ctrl+b – Make selection bold
Ctrl+i – Make selection italic
Ctrl+u – Make selection underlined
Ctrl+t – Make selection strikethrough
Ctrl+Shift+b – Format selection as bulleted list
Ctrl+Shift+o – Format selection as ordered list
Ctrl+d – Open font dialog to change font face, size and color for selected text
Ctrl+Shift+> – Increase font size / Decrease font size for selected text (or UseCtrl+[/])
Ctrl+Space – Remove formatting
Ctrl+m/Ctrl+Shift+m – Increase indent for current paragraph or for selection (Or useTab/Shift+Tab)
Ctrl+l – Align current paragraph or selection left
Ctrl+r – Align current paragraph or selection right
Ctrl+e – Align current paragraph or selection center
Ctrl+j – Align current paragraph or selection justified
Ctrl+Shift+c – Insert a “To Do” checkbox
Ctrl+Shift+x – Open “Encrypt selection” dialog on a selected text
Alt+Shift+d – Insert current date and time (or use Ctrl+;
Ctrl+ Click on a hyperlink – Open hyperlink under caret (or use Ctrl+Enter)
Ctrl+k – Add Hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+k – Edit Hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+F9 – Remove hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+- – Insert horizontal line

Evernote Shortcut Keys PDF

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