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FEKO Shortcut Keys

FEKO Shortcut Keys

FEKO is a computational electromagnetics software program product evolved via Altair Engineering. The call is derived from the German acronym “FEldberechnung für okayörper mit beliebiger Oberfläche”, which can be translated as “area calculations related to bodies of arbitrary form”. it’s far a standard reason 3-d electromagnetic (EM) simulator.

Alt+4 – FEKO solver
Alt+8 – FEKO terminal
Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+Ins – Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+X/Shift+Del – Cut selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+V/Shift+Ins – Paste from clipboard
Esc – Close dialog
F1 – Context-sensitive help for the dialog/window that has focus
Alt+S – Search for an action (locatethen execute or launch help on)
Alt – Display hotkeys for keyboard navigation of the ribbon
0 – Isomatric View
2 – Bottom view
4 – Left view
5 – Front view
Ctrl+F5 – Back view
6 – Right view
8 – Top view
F5 – Zoom to extents
Ctrl+LMB+Drag – Pan view
Shift+LMB+Drag – Zoom view
Ctrl+C – Copy image of active 3D viewthenschematic view or network schematic to clipboard
Ctrl+E – Export image of active view
Del – Delete selected item
Ctrl+K – Copy (duplicate element)
F2 – Rename selected item
Ctrl+R – Run script
F5 – Step
F6 – Pause
F7 – Stop
F8 – Toggle breakpoint
Alt+C – Comment
Alt+U – Uncomment
Ctrl++ – Zoom in
Ctrl+- – Zoom out
Ctrl+F – Find/Replace
Ctrl+G – Go to line
Ctrl+Shift – Snapping preview: Show coordinates on status bar of point that is hovered over in 3D view
Ctrl+Shift – Snapping preview: Update values in active field(s) on dialog as mouse is moved over 3D view
Ctrl+Shift+LMB – Point entry (click on 3D view or tree to add coordinates/value to active dialog field)
U – Union: Combine the selected parts to enforce mesh connectivity
Ctrl+M – Create mesh (prompt for mesh settings)
Ctrl+Shift+M – Quick mesh (mesh with existing settings)
Ctrl+Del – Delete mesh
Ctrl+H – Show/hide item in 3D view (select from 3D view or tree)
Alt+W – Show/hide message window
Alt+T – Show/hide tree
# – Add variable
F9 – Add workplane
R – Re-evaluate geometry (older models or faulty imported geometry) / Rotate element (schematic view)
Ctrl++ – Move configuration up
Ctrl+- – Move configuration down
Ctrl+3 – New 3D view
Alt+Left Arrow – Undo view
Alt+Right Arrow – Redo view
Cthen1 – Cuboid
Cthen2 – Flare
Cthen3 – Sphere
Cthen4 – Cylinder
Cthen5 – Cone
Sthen1 – Polygon
Sthen2 – Rectangle
Sthen3 – Ellipse
Sthen4 – Paraboloid
Sthen5 – NURBS surface
Vthen1 – Line
Vthen2 – Polyline
Vthen3 – Fitted spline
Vthen5 – Bézier curve
Vthen6 – Analytical curve

Athen1 – Elliptic arc
Athen2 – Parabolic arc
Athen3 – Hyperbolic arc
Athen4 – Helix
U – Union
Bthen1 – Subtract from
Bthen2 – Intersection
Bthen3 – Split
Bthen4 – Stitch
Ethen1 – Spin
Ethen2 – Sweep
Ethen3 – Path sweep
Ethen4 – Loft
QthenC – Select edge loop (normally used with hole filling tool)
Ctrl+O – Add model
Ctrl+Shift+O – Open project
Shift+F2 – Edit trace legend entry
Ctrl+F2 – Edit chart text (edit the labelsthen title and footer of a graph)
Ctrl++ – Raise trace
Ctrl+- – Lower trace
Ctrl+Shift+LMB – Add annotation to 3D view
Alt+B – Show/hide project browser (left side panel)
Alt+P – Show/hide result palette (right side panel)
Ctrl+Q – Exit POSTFEKO
F1 – Edit line at cursor position
F1 – Context-sensitive help for the card being edited
Alt+C – Comment
Alt+U – Uncomment
Ctrl+F – Find/Replace
F3 – Find next
Ctrl+G – Go to line
Ctrl+Left Arrow – Move one word to the left
Ctrl+Right Arrow – Move one word to the right
PgUp – Move up one page
PgDn – Move down one page
Home – Move to beginning of line
End – Move to end of line
Ctrl+Home – Move to beginning of file
Ctrl+End – Move to end of file
Ctrl+Q – Exit EDITFEKO

FEKO Shortcut Keys PDF

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