Final Fantasy Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Final Fantasy Shortcut Keys

Final Fantasy Shortcut Keys

very last fable[a] is a technological know-how fiction and fantasy media franchise created through Hironobu Sakaguchi, and advanced and owned by means of rectangular Enix (previously rectangular). The franchise facilities on a series of myth and technology fantasy position-gambling video video games (RPGs). The eponymous first sport in the collection, published in 1987, changed into conceived via Sakaguchi as his remaining-ditch effort in the sport industry; the name was a success and spawned sequels. The online game collection has when you consider that branched into different genres together with tactical position-gambling, action function-gambling, hugely multiplayer online function-gambling, racing, 1/3-individual shooter, preventing, and rhythm. The franchise has additionally branched out into other media, consisting of CGI films, anime, manga, and novels.

W – Move forward
S – Move back
A – Turn left
D – Turn right
Q – Strafe left
E – Strafe right
NUM / – Toggle between run/walk
R – Turn on/off auto run
Spacebar – Jump
Up arrow – Point camera up
Down arrow – Point camera down
Right arrow – Point camera right
Left arrow – Point camera left
Page up – Zoom camera in
Page down – Zoom camera out
Home – Toggle between 1st/3rd person mode
End – Return camera to saved position
Ctrl+End – Save current camera position
Ctrl+Shift+End – Return camera to default position
V – Flip camera
NUM 5 – Lock camera on target
Ctrl+Up arrow – TIlt camera up
Ctrl+Down arrow – TIlt camera down
Pause – Face camera
Tab – Cycle through enemies (nearest to farthest)
Shift+Tab – Cycle through enemies (farthest to nearest)
F – Face target
F1 – Target self
F2 – F8 – Target members in party list
F9 – Target pet/familiar
T – Target the target of the current target
F10 – Target focus target
F11 – Target nearest enemy
F12 – Target nearest NPC or object
Shift+F – Set/clear focus target
Ctrl+8 – Cycle up through enmity list
Ctrl+2 – Cycle down through enmity list
Ctrl+6 – Cycle through alliance list(Forward)
Ctrl+4 – Cycle through alliance list(Backward)
Enter – Ready chat prompt
/ – Ready text prompt
Alt+S – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Say
Alt+H – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Shout
Alt+P – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Party
Alt+Y – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Yell
Alt+R – Reply (Repeat to Cycle Through PCs)
Alt+F – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Free Company
Alt+L – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Linkshell (Cycle Forward)
Alt+Shift+L – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Linkshell (Cycle Back)
Alt+C – Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Alliance
0 – Confirm
. – Cancel
* – Subcommand
8 – Move Cursor Up/Cycle Up Through Party List
2 – Move Cursor Down/Cycle Down Through Party List
4 – Move Cursor/Target Cursor Left
6 – Move Cursor/Target Cursor right
1 – Cycle through HUD components
+ – Select the main menu
Shift+Up arrow – Cycle through hotbars(up)
Shift+Down arrow – Cycle through hotbars(Down)
Shift+1 – Switch to hotbar 1
Shift+2 – Switch to hotbar 2
Shift+3 – Switch to hotbar 3
Z – Draw/sheathe weapon
C – Character
Ctrl+C – Currency list
: – Free company
L – Linkshells
I – Inventory
Ctrl+I – Armoury chest
M – Map
Shift+M – Signs
Ctrl+M – Waymarks
P – Actions and traits
O – Social
U – Duty finder
Ctrl+U – Timers
J – JOurnal
K – Character configuration
Ctrl+K – System configuration
X – Target filter
N – Crafting log
B – Gathering log
H – Hunting log
Y – Fishing log
Ctrl+Y – Fish guide
Num9/NUM 7 – Cycle through UI components tabs (forward/back)
Scroll lock – TOggle UI display mode
Print Screen – Take screenshot
Ctrl+Home – Change window size
Esc – Close all UI components
W – Move forward
S – Move back
A – Turn left
D – Turn right
Q – Strafe left
E – Strafe right
Spacebar – Ascend (while grounded: Jump)
Ctrl+Spacebar – Descend (While grounded : Jump)
Z – Dismount

Final Fantasy Shortcut Keys PDF

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