Finale Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Finale Shortcut Keys

Finale Shortcut Keys

Finale is the flagship software of a sequence of proprietary scorewriter track notation software program developed and launched by means of MakeMusic for the Microsoft windows and macOS working structures. First launched in 1988, the version 25 became launched in 2016. Finale has been appeared as one of the enterprise standards for track notation software.

Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+W – Close
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Q/Alt+F4 – Quit
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+Alt+F – Use Filter
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F – Edit Filter
Ctrl+I – Insert
Ctrl+Shift+I – Insert and Filter
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste and Filter
Ctrl+Alt+V – Paste Multiple
Bkspace – Clear All items
Del – Delete Measure track
Ctrl+U – Update alyout
Ctrl+L – Lock System
Ctrl+Shift+L – Unlock System
Ctrl+M – Fit measures dialog box
Ctrl+4 – Apply Note Spacing
Ctrl+5 – Apply Beat Spacing
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Move to Previous System
Ctrl+Down arrow – Move to next system
Ctrl+6/Ctrl+7 – Transpose down/up one step diatonically
Ctrl+8/Ctrl+9 – Transpose down/up octave diatonically
Ctrl+E – Switch Page/Scroll Views
Ctrl+Shift+E – Studio View
Ctrl+=/Ctrl+- – Zoom in/Zoom out
Ctrl+1 – Custom zoom 1
Ctrl+2 – Custom zoom 2
Ctrl+3 – Custom zoom 3
Ctrl+0 – View at x%
Ctrl+[ – Fit to window
Ctrl+] – Fit width
Shift+Alt+1..4 – Change Layer
Ctrl+K – show/hide Score Manager
Ctrl+Shift+M – Show/hide Mixer
Ctrl+Tab – Switch between windows
Alt+D+P – Plat
Alt+D+O – Stop Playback
Y – Yes in dialog box
N – No in dialog box
Esc – Switch to selection tool
Shift+F2..F12 – Define shortcut for tool
F2..F12 – Choose defined tool
Ctrl+Alt+A – Apply metatool
PgUp – Up Full screen
PgDn – Down Full Screen
Home – Left one screen
End – Right One screen
Ctrl+Home – First Page
Ctrl+End – Last Page
Ctrl+Alt+, – Previous part
Ctrl+Alt+. – Next part
Ctrl+Alt+/ – Last Viewed Part
Shift+Left arrow – Previous beat
Shift+Right arrow – Next beat
Shift+Ctrl+Left arrow – Beginning of measure
Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow – End of measure
Shift+Home – Beginning of score
Shift+End – End of score
1 – Implode Music
2 – Explode Music
F – Flip selected slur or bend direction
Alt+Shift+F – Set selected slur or bend direction to automatic
Tab – Move between primary/secondary handles
Esc – Hide Secondary handles
Alt+Drag – Move expression without changing attachment point
Ctrl+Up Arrow – Add selected expression to staff above
Ctrl+Down arrow – Add selected expression to staff belo
Ctrl+Home – Add selected expression to all staves to top of system
Ctrl+End – Add selected expression to all staves to bottom of system
Alt+Enter – Add selected expression to all staves in system
Ctrl+Alt+Enter – Add selected expression to specific staves
Up Arrow – Previous verse/chorus/Section
Down Arrow – Next verse/chorus/section
Ctrl+[ – Left justify
Ctrl+] – Right Justify
Ctrl+’ – Center Justify
Ctrl+Shift+[ – Align syllable to left
Ctrl+Shift+] – align syllable to right
Ctrl+Shift+’ – align center syllable
Ctrl+Shift+, – Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+. – Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+M – Custom Frame
Ctrl+Shift+F – Flat
Ctrl+Shift+N – Natural symbol
Ctrl+Shift+S – Sharp symbol
Ctrl+Shift+P – Insert Page Number
Ctrl+Shift+T – Frame Attributes
Ctrl+Shift+L – Line Spacing
Ctrl+Shift+= – Center text block vertically
Ctrl+B – Bold
Ctrl+I – Italic
Ctrl+U – Underline

Finale Shortcut Keys PDF

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