Flock Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Flock Shortcut Keys

Flock Shortcut Keys

Flock is a messaging and collaboration device, founded by way of tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia in 2014. The app helps more than one languages, inclusive of English, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. it’s miles to be had on home windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and net.

Ctrl+O – Open file
Ctrl+I – Open properties dialog
Ctrl+I – Page info
Ctrl+U – Page source
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo (after Undo)
Ctrl +R – Reload
Ctrl+Arrow Left – Back
F7 – Caret browsing
Ctrl+Tab – Change tabs
Ctrl+W – Close tab
Ctrl+Enter – Complete .com address
Shift+Enter – Complete .net address
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Complete .org address
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+Shift+N – Create new collection (in favorites manager)
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+0 – Restore text size
Ctrl+S – Save page
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+L – Select location bar
Ctrl 1 to 9 – Select tab (1 to 9)
Ctrl+D – Star current page
Ctrl+Shift+D – Star and tag
Esc – Stop
Ctrl+Shift+T – Topbar menu
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+K – Web search
Ctrl+- – Decrease text size
Shift+Delete – Delete selected autocomplete entry
Ctrl+J – Downloads
Ctrl+F – Find (in page)
Ctrl+G – Find again
Ctrl+Shift+G – Find previous
Ctrl+Arrow Right – Forward
Ctrl+plus – Increase text size
Alt+Home – Load home page(s)
Ctrl+T – New tab
Ctrl+N – New window
Ctrl+B – Open blog editor
Ctrl+Shift+M – Open favorites manager

Flock Shortcut Keys PDF

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