Foxit Reader Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Foxit Reader Shortcut Keys

Foxit Reader Shortcut Keys

Foxit Reader is a multilingual freemium PDF tool which could create, view, edit, digitally signal, and print PDF documents. Foxit Reader is advanced through Fremont, California-based Foxit software program. Early versions of Foxit Reader were terrific for startup performance and small file length.Foxit v3.0 changed into located to be akin to Adobe Reader. The windows model lets in annotating and saving unfinished PDF paperwork, FDF import/export, converting to textual content, highlighting and drawing.

Ctrl+O – Open File
Ctrl+W – Close File
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save As
Ctrl+Shift+W – Close All
Ctrl+P – Print Document
Ctrl+Q – Quit Foxit Reader
Alt+1 – Bookmark
Alt+2 – Full Screen
Ctrl+NumPad + – Zoom in
Ctrl+NumPad – – Zoom Out
Ctrl+M – Zoom To
Ctrl+1 – Actual Size
Ctrl+2 – Fit to Page
Ctrl+3 – Fit Width
Ctrl+Shift++ – Rotate Clockwise
Ctrl+Shift+- – Rotate CounterClockwise
Alt+F8 – Reset Toolbars
F8 – Hide Toolbars
Home – First Page
Left Arrow – Previous Page
Right Arrow – Next Page
End – Last Page
Shift+Ctrl+N – Go to Page
Ctrl+A – Select All
Spacebar – Page Down
Shift+Spacebar – Page Up
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+F – Find Text
F3 – Find Next
Ctrl+K – Preferences

Foxit Reader Shortcut Keys PDF

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