FreeMeta Shortcut Keys Download PDF

FreeMeta Shortcut Keys

FreeMeta Shortcut Keys

The underneath article became inspired through the artists I met at pixelACHE throughout the Dot Org increase event. I (=consumer:anthere) realised that day that if builders had a alternatively desirable know-how of what open and loose supposed, it become no longer the case of the general public for whom those principles are as a substitute new.

Ctrl+A – Mark all text in the textbox.
Ctrl+B – Clear all textbox texts.
Ctrl+C – Copy selected text in textbox.
Ctrl+D – Load default freemeta project.
Ctrl+H – View software working history.
Ctrl+L – Load freemeta last project.
Ctrl+S – Search selected word on web.
Ctrl+V – Paste text to textbox.
Ctrl+X – Cut selected text in textbox.
F1 – View help documents.
F12 – View new software updates.
Delete – Delete selected text in textbox.

FreeMeta Shortcut Keys PDF

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