FreeMind Shortcut Keys Download PDF

FreeMind Shortcut Keys

FreeMind Shortcut Keys

FreeMind is a free thoughts mapping software written in Java. FreeMind is licensed under the GNU widespread Public License model 2. It provides big export abilties. It runs on Microsoft home windows, Linux and macOS thru the Java Runtime environment.

Ctrl+N – New map
Ctrl+O – Open map
Ctrl+S – Save map
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save as…
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+W – Close map
Ctrl+Q – Quit
Alt+Shift+Left – Previous map
Alt+Shift+Right – Next map
Ctrl+E – Export to html
Ctrl+H – Export branch to html
Alt+Shift+A – Export branch to new MM file
Ctrl+Shift+W – Open first file in history
Ctrl+F – Find
Ctrl+G – Find next
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+Shift+C – Copy single
Ctrl+V – Paste
Alt+1 – MindMap mode
Alt+2 – Browse mode
Alt+3 – File mode
Ctrl+I – Italicize
Ctrl+B – Bold
Ctrl+Shift+B – Cloud
Alt+Shift+F – Change node color
Alt+Shift+B – Blend node color
Alt+Shift+E – Change node edge color
Ctrl++ – Increase node font size
Ctrl+- – Decrease node font size
Esc – Go to root
Up – Move up
Down – Move down
Left – Move left
Right – Move right
Ctrl+Enter – Follow link
Alt+Up – Zoom out
Alt+Down – Zoom in
Ctrl+Up – Move node up
Ctrl+Down – Move node down
Ctrl+Left – Moved node left
Ctrl+Right – Moved node right
Enter – Add sibling node
Insert – Add child node
Shift+Enter – Add sibling before
Shift+Insert – Add parent node
F2 – Edit selected node
Alt+Enter – Edit long node
Ctrl+J – Join nodes
Space – Toggle folded
Ctrl+Space – Toggle children folded
Ctrl+Shift+K – Set link by filechooser
Ctrl+K – Set link by text entry
Alt+K – Set image by filechooser

FreeMind Shortcut Keys PDF

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