Fritzing Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Fritzing Shortcut Keys

Fritzing Shortcut Keys

Fritzing is an open supply initiative to develop amateur or interest CAD software program for the design of electronics hardware, to guide designers and artists ready to move from experimenting with a prototype to building a extra permanent circuit. It become advanced at the university of implemented Sciences of Potsdam.

Mouse Clicking on a Part – Selects the Part
Selecting+Dragging a Part in the Part Library to The Project View – Lets you use the part in your project
Selecting+Dragging a part in the Project View – Moves the part
Selecting+Dragging a part’s connector/pin, then releasing the mouse on a second connector – Creates a wire which goes out of the first connector, and by release connects to the second connector
Dragging or double clicking a wire – Adds a bend point
Double clicking on a bend point – Deletes the bend point
Alt+Dragging a bend point – Creates a new wire coming out of the bend point
Alt+Dragging a wire segment – Moves the wire segment without creating a bend point
Alt+Shift+Dragging a wire segment – Constrains the wire to 45 degrees
Shift+Dragging a part – Constrains movement to vertical or horizontal
Space+Dragging – Moves the art board
Scroll Wheel – Moves the art board
Right clicking on a part or wire – Opens the right click menu
Control+Clicking a part – Selects the part without releasing previously selected parts

Fritzing Shortcut Keys PDF

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