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Geany Shortcut Keys

Geany Shortcut Keys

Geany is a lightweight GUI textual content editor[3] using Scintilla and GTK+, together with basic IDE capabilities. it’s far designed to have brief load times, with limited dependency on separate programs or external libraries on Linux. it’s been ported to a wide range of operating structures, together with BSD, Linux, macOS, Solaris and home windows. because windows lacks a digital terminal equivalent, the windows port lacks an embedded terminal window. additionally missing from the windows model are the external development equipment present underneath Unix, until set up one at a time by way of the consumer. among the supported programming languages and markup languages are C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, php, HTML, LaTeX, CSS, Python, Perl, Ruby, Pascal, Haskell, Erlang, Vala and lots of others.[6]

Home – Go to Start of Line
End – Go to End of Line
Alt+Home – Go to Start of Display Line
Alt+End – Go to End of Display Line
Alt+Up – Scroll up by one line
Alt+Down – Scroll down by one line
Ctrl+Shift+L – Scroll to current line
Ctrl+L – Go to line
Ctrl+B – Goto matching brace
Ctrl+M – Toggle marker
Ctrl+, – Goto previous marker
Ctrl+. – Goto next marker
Ctrl+/ – Go to Previous Word Part
Ctrl+\ – Go to Next Word Part
Alt+Arrow Right – Navigate forward a location
Alt+Arrow Left – Navigate back a location
F1 – Help
Ctrl+Shift+PageDown – Move document right
Ctrl+Shift+PageUp – Move document left
Ctrl+PageDown – Switch to right document
Ctrl+PageUp – Switch to left document
Ctrl+plus – Zoom In
Ctrl+- – Zoom Out
Ctrl+0 – Zoom Reset
F11 – Fullscreen
Ctrl+F – Find
Ctrl+G – Find Next
Ctrl+Shift+G – Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+F – Find in files
F7 – Switch to Search Bar
Ctrl+Shift+E – Find Usage
Ctrl+Shift+D – Find Document Usage
Alt+Shift+W – Select current word
Alt+Shift+L – Select current line(s)
Alt+Shift+P – Select current paragraph
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+Shift – Column mode editing (rectangular selections)
Ctrl+Alt – Column mode editing (rectangular selections)
Ctrl+Shift+M – Mark All
Ctrl+M – Toggle marker
Ctrl+, – Goto previous marker
Ctrl+. – Goto next marker
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+Shift+X – Cut current line(s)
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+Shift+C – Copy current line(s)
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+D – Duplicate line or selection
Ctrl+Shift+Delete – Delete to line end
Ctrl+K – Delete current line(s)
Shift+Alt+D – Insert date
Ctrl+E – Toggle line commentation
Ctrl+Alt+U – Toggle case of selection
Tab – Word part completion
Tab – Complete snippet
Ctrl+I – Increase indent
Ctrl+U – Decrease indent
Alt+PageUp – Move line(s) up
Alt+PageDown – Move line(s) down
Ctrl+Space – Complete word
Ctrl+Shift+T – Go to tag declaration
Ctrl+T – Go to tag definition
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+H – Replace
Ctrl+1,2,3 – Send to Custom Command 1 (2,3)
Ctrl+Shift+Space – Show calltip

Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+Shift+O – Open selected file
Ctrl+R – Reload file
Ctrl+Tab – Switch to last used document
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save all
Ctrl+W – Close
Ctrl+Shift+W – Close all
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Q – Quit
Ctrl+Alt+P – Preferences
F9 – Build
Shift+F8 – Make object
Shift+F9 – Make all
F8 – Compile
F5 – Run
Ctrl+Enter – Show macro list
Ctrl+Shift+F9 – Make custom target
Ctrl+Shift+R – Reload symbol list
F2 – Switch to Editor
F4 – Switch to VTE
F6 – Switch to Scribble

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