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Gmail Shortcuts Keys pdf download

Gmail is an unfastened, marketing-supported e-mail carrier evolved via Google. customers can access Gmail on the internet and via mobile apps for Android and iOS, in addition to thru third-birthday party programs that synchronize electronic mail content thru POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail Shortcuts help to improve your workflow.


gmail shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts pdf download

Gmail started out as a confined beta launch on April 1, 2004, and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009. 

Compose & Chat

Action Shortcut
Previous message in an open conversation p
Next message in an open conversation n
Focus the main window Shift + Esc
Focus the latest chat or compose Esc
Advance to the next chat or compose Ctrl + .
Advance to previous chat or compose Ctrl + ,
Send /Ctrl + Enter
Add cc recipients /Ctrl + Shift + c
Add bcc recipients /Ctrl + Shift + b
Access custom from /Ctrl + Shift + f
Insert a link /Ctrl + k
Go to the next misspelled word (Mac only)  + ;
Open spelling suggestions /Ctrl + m



Action Shortcut
Previous font /Ctrl + Shift + 5
Next font /Ctrl + Shift + 6
Decrease text size /Ctrl + Shift + –
Increase text size /Ctrl + Shift and +
Bold /Ctrl + b
Italics /Ctrl + i
Underline /Ctrl + u
Numbered list /Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted list /Ctrl + Shift + 8
Quote /Ctrl + Shift + 9
Indent less /Ctrl + [
Indent more /Ctrl + ]
Align left /Ctrl + Shift + l
Align center /Ctrl + Shift + e
Align right /Ctrl + Shift + r
Remove formatting /Ctrl + \


Action Shortcut
Move focus to the toolbar ,
Select conversation x
Toggle star/rotate among superstars s
Archive e
Mute conversation m
Report as spam !
Delete #
Reply r
Reply in a new window Shift + r
Reply all a
Reply all in a new window Shift + a
Forward f
Forward in a new window Shift + f
Update conversation Shift + n
Archive conversation and go previous/next ] or [
Undo last action z
Mark as read Shift + i
Mark as unread Shift + u
Mark unread from the selected message _
Mark as important or =
Mark is not important


Note: This shortcut isn’t available in classic Gmail.

Expand entire conversation ;
Collapse entire conversation :
Add conversation to Tasks

Shift + t




Action Shortcut
Show menu + m
Show archived hangouts + a
Show Hangout requests + i
Focus on the conversation list

+ c



Action Shortcut
Go to Inbox + i
Go to Starred conversations + s
Go to Snoozed conversations g + b
Go to Sent messages + t
Go to Drafts + d
Go to All mail + a

Switch between the Calendar/Keep/Tasks sidebar and your inbox.

/Ctrl Alt , 


⌘/Ctrl Alt + .

Go to Tasks + k
Go to label + l



Action Shortcut
Go to the next page g + n
Go to the previous page g + p
Back to thread list u
Newer conversation k
Older conversation j
Open conversation o or Enter
Go to the next Inbox section `
Go to the previous Inbox section ~



Action Shortcut
Compose c
Compose in a new tab d
Search mail /
Search chat contacts g
Open the “more actions” menu .
Open “move to” menu v
Open “label as” menu l
Open keyboard shortcut help ?

Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet pdf download

These combination Gmail shortcuts can be used to navigate through Gmail.

Read Gmail Shortcuts for macOS

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Gmail Shortcuts Keys pdf download

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