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gom player shortcut keys

MGOM participant (brief for Gretech online movie player) is a media player for windows, evolved by using the GOM & agency of South Korea. Its predominant functions consist of the potential to play some damaged media documents and locate lacking formats the usage of a codec finder provider. The participant can play incomplete, broken or damaged AVI files through skipping horrific frames and rebuilding the document’s index whilst important. GOM participant additionally helps peer-to-peer video streaming thru an reputable upload-on referred to as GOMTV Streamer.

Gom Player Shortcut Keys


1. Video Control
Ctrl+Y Flip – Input
Ctrl+V Flip – Output
Ctrl+M Sharpen
Ctrl+N Noise
Q Reset Video Control
W Increase Brightness/Contrast
R Increase Brightness by 5%
E Decrease Brightness by 5%
Y Increase Contrast by 5%
T Decrease Contrast by 5%
I Increase Saturation by 5%
U Decrease Saturation by 5%
P Increase Hue by 5%
O Decrease Hue by 5%
2. Pan & Scan
Numpad 0 Set Aspect Ratio
Numpad 5 Reset to Default
Numpad 6 Video to the Right
Numpad 4 Video to the Left
Numpad 8 Video to the Up
Numpad 2 Video to the Down
Ctrl+Numpad 9 Video Size +
Ctrl+Numpad 1 Video Size –
Ctrl+Numpad 6 Video Width +
Ctrl+Numpad 4 Video Width –
Ctrl+Numpad 8 Video Height +
Ctrl+Numpad 2 Video Height –
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 4 Window to the Left
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 6 Window to the Right
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 8 Window to the Up
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 2 Window to the Down
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad + Window Size +
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad – Window Size –
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 5 Window to the Center
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 7 Window Top Left Corner
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 9 Window Top Right Corner
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 3 Window Bottom Right Corner
Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 1 Window Bottom Left Corner
3. Window Size
` Minimum Size
1 50%
2 100%
3 150%
4 200%
5 Fit to Desktop Resolution
6 Maximize/Restore
7/Delete Fit to Video Input
Alt+Enter Full Screen/Restore
Ctrl+Enter Full Stretch Screen
Ctrl+Alt+Enter Full Stretch Screen (Keep Ratio)
4. Playback Speed
Ctrl+Shift+F/G Speed – Up
Ctrl+Shift+B Speed – Down
Ctrl+Shift+N Speed – Normal
5. Screen Capture
Ctrl+G Advanced Screen Capture
Ctrl+C Copy the Current Frame
Ctrl+E Save the Current Frame
6. Aspect Ratio
Ctrl+F5 Keep Aspect Ratio
Ctrl+F6 Default Aspect Ratio
Ctrl+F7 4:3 (TV)
Ctrl+F8 16:9 (HDTV)
Ctrl+F9 1.85:1 (Screen)
Ctrl+F10 2.35:1 (Screen)
Ctrl+F11 User Defined
7. Subtitles
Alt+H Show/Hide Subtitles
Alt+E Subtitle Explorer
Alt+Numpad 6 Horizontal Spacing +
Alt+Numpad 4 Horizontal Spacing –
Alt+Numpad 8 Vertical Spacing +
Alt+Numpad 2 Vertical Spacing –
Alt+Home Default Position
Alt+Page Up Enlarge Font Size
Alt+Page Down Reduce Font Size
Alt+L Change Language
> 0.5 sec Faster
< 0.5 sec Slower
/ Default Sync
Alt+B Font – Bold
Alt+O Open Subtitles
S Select Language
Alt+Arrow Keys Move Subtitle Position
Home Previous Subtitle Sync
End Next Subtitle Sync
8. Playback Control
B Bookmark
N Add to Bookmark
Ctrl+I Open – Easy Browser
Alt+I Open – Easy Subtitles Browser
Ctrl+O Open – File(s)
F12 Open – ODD (CD/DVD)
Ctrl+D Open – Directory
Ctrl+U Open – URL
F4 Finish Playback
Space/Ctrl+P Play/Pause
Ctrl+Space Stop
BackSpace Key Restart from the beginning
Ctrl+F Forward 10 sec
Ctrl+Arrow Right Forward 60 sec
Shift+Arrow Right Forward 300 sec
Ctrl+B Backward 10 sec
Ctrl+Arrow Left Backward 60 sec
Shift+Arrow Left Backward 300 sec
9. Volume Control
Up/Down Arrow Keys Volume Up/Down
Ctrl+ Up/Down Arrow Keys Wave Volume Up/Down
Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrow Keys Master Volume Up/Down
M Mute
A Select Audio Stream
Shift+G Advanced Audio Capture
Shift+E Use Equalizer
L Set Equalizer
Shift+N Use Normalizer
Ctrl+Alt+Down Decrease Equalizer Level
Ctrl+Alt+Up Increase Equalizer Level
Shift+P Audio Settings
V Voice Filter
Shift+R Reverb Effect
Shift+S Extra-Stereo Effect
10. DVD Control
D DVD Control Menu
Page Up Previous Chapter
Page Down Next Chapter
Ctrl+Backspace Root Menu
11. Skins
K Set Skins
Alt+F10 Skin Management
Alt+F11 Previous Color Theme
Alt+F12 Next Color Theme
12. Playlist
Page Up Previous File
Page Down Next File
13. Windows
F7 Control Panel
F8 Playlist
Alt+F9 Toggle – GOM DMB/GOM TV
Ctrl+Alt+O Open – GOM TV Easy Browser
14. Favorites
Alt+D Add Current Directory
Alt+G Add Current Directory
Alt+F Manage Favorites
15. AB Repeat
[ Start AB Repeat
] End AB Repeat
Shift+[ Undo Start AB Repeat
Shift+] Undo End AB Repeat
\ Undo AB Repeat
16. Others
Ctrl+A Always On Top
Ctrl+T On Top While Playing
Alt+F4/Alt+X Close
Tab View Playing Time
F Frame Step
Ctrl+R Refresh Skins
F5 Preferences
Ctrl+Z Shutdown Computer when finished the files
Ctrl+X Exit GOM Player when finished the files
Ctrl+7(Center),Ctrl+8(Tile), Ctrl+ 9(Stretch),Ctrl+0(Delete) Set as Wallpaper
Ctrl+F1 Playing File Information
Shift+’ Use Frame Skip
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