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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an online marketing provider, developed by means of Google, wherein advertisers pay to show brief advertising reproduction, products and video to net users. Google AdWords’ gadget is based totally partially on cookies and partly on keywords determined by means of advertisers. Google uses those characteristics to region advertising replica on pages in which they suppose it is probably applicable. Advertisers pay whilst users divert their browsing to click on at the marketing replica. accomplice web sites obtain a portion of the generated income.

Google AdWords Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+O Open account
Ctrl+R Get recent account changes
Ctrl+S Post changes
Ctrl+A Select all items in data view
Ctrl+Z Revert selected changes
Delete key Delete selected items
Ctrl+C Copy selected items
Ctrl+X Cut selected items
Ctrl+V Paste items
Ctrl+Shft+V Paste items into selected ad groups
Ctrl+1 Jump to Keywords tab
Ctrl+2 Jump to Sites tab
Ctrl+3 Jump to Negatives tab
Ctrl+4 Jump to Text Ads tab
Ctrl+5 Jump to Image Ads tab
Ctrl+6 Jump to Mobile Ads tab
Ctrl+7 Jump to Ad Groups tab
Ctrl+8 Jump to Campaigns tab
Ctrl+K Add keyword
Ctrl+Shft+K Add or update multiple keywords
Ctrl+Alt+K Delete multiple keywords
Ctrl+B Add site
Ctrl+Shft+B Add or update multiple sites
Ctrl+Alt+B Delete multiple sites
Ctrl+L Add negative keyword
Ctrl+Shft+L Add multiple negative keywords
Ctrl+M Add campaign negative keyword
Ctrl+Shft+M Add multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+Alt+M Delete multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+E Add campaign negative site
Ctrl+Shft+E Add multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+Alt+E Delete multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+T Add text ad
Ctrl+Shft+T Add multiple text ads
Ctrl+Alt+T Delete multiple text ads
Ctrl+I Add image ad
Ctrl+Shft+I Add multiple image ads
Ctrl+J Add mobile ad
Ctrl+Shft+J Add multiple mobile ads
Ctrl+Alt+J Delete multiple mobile ads
Ctrl+G Add ad group
Ctrl+Shft+G Add or update multiple ad groups
Ctrl+N Add keyword-targeted campaign
Ctrl+Shft+N Add site-targeted campaign
Ctrl+D Add draft keyword-targeted campaign
Ctrl+Shft+D Add draft site-targeted campaign
Ctrl+W Exit AdWords Editor
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