Google Earth Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Google Earth Shortcut Keys

Google Earth Shortcut Keys

Google Earth is a laptop application that renders a three-D illustration of Earth primarily based on satellite tv for pc imagery. this system maps the Earth with the aid of superimposing satellite tv for pc pics, aerial pictures, and GIS information onto a 3D globe, permitting users to see towns and landscapes from numerous angles. customers can discover the globe by means of getting into addresses and coordinates, or with the aid of the use of a keyboard or mouse. the program can also be downloaded on a phone or tablet, the usage of a touch display or stylus to navigate. users may also use this system to add their own records using Keyhole Markup Language and add them thru numerous sources, along with forums or blogs. Google Earth is in a position to show various forms of images overlaid at the floor of the earth and is also an internet Map carrier client.

arrow keys – Move viewer left, right, up, or down
alt+arrow keys – Move viewer in smaller increments
shift+arrow left /shift+arrow right – Rotate view clockwise / counter-clockwise
shift+arrow down /shift+arrow up – Tilt view up / down
alt+shift+arrow keys – Rotate and Tilt in small increments
ctrl+arrow left /ctrl+arrow right – Shift perspective right / left
ctrl+arrow down /ctrl+arrow up – Shift perspective up / down
alt+ctrl+arrow keys – Shift perspective in small increments
+ / – – Zoom in / zoom out in small increments
ctrl+shift++ / ctrl+shift+- – Zoom in / zoom out in larger increments (or use page up /page down)
n – Reset View to rotate to “North up”
u – Reset angle to view scene in “top-down” or “up” mode
r – Reset angle to view “top-down” and rotates to “north-up” view
click+drag – Move viewer left, right, up, or down
shift+click+drag left / right – Rotate the view clockwise / counter-clockwise
shift+ lick+drag up / down – Tilt view up / tilt view down
ctrl+click+drag left / right – Point perspective to the right / to the left
ctrl+click+drag up / down – Point perspective up / down
right click+arrow up /arrow down – Zoom in / out and automatic tilt at ground level
double-click or drag+release mouse – Start Motion
spacebar or click – Stop Motion
f11 – Switch to Full Screen
ctrl+alt+b – Show or hide sidebar
ctrl+m – Hide or show overview Window
ctrl+o – Open file dialog box
ctrl+alt+s – Save current view as Image
ctrl+p – Print dialog box
ctrl+alt+e – Email view
alt+f – Open File Menu
alt+e – Open Edit Menu
alt+v – Open View Menu
alt+a – Open Add Menu
alt+t – Open Tool Menu
alt+h – Open Help Menu
ctrl+c – Copy selected item
ctrl+x – Cut selected item
ctrl+v – Paste item
ctrl+f – Find item
delete – Delete selected item
ctrl+alt+r – Edit selected Item
enter – Zooms into selected item
ctrl+shift+p – Create new Placemark
ctrl+shift+n – Create new folder
ctrl+shift+o – Create new image Overlay
ctrl+shift+m – Create new Model
ctrl+shift+t – Create new Path
ctrl+shift+g – Create new Polygon

Google Earth Shortcut Keys PDF

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