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Google Maps is an internet mapping service advanced by using Google. It offers satellite tv for pc imagery, road maps, 360° panoramic perspectives of streets (avenue View), real-time site visitors conditions (Google traffic), and direction making plans for visiting via foot, car, bicycle (in beta), or public transportation.


Google Maps Shortcut Keys

Pan left, right, up and down via the arrow keys.
Pan wider (left, right, up and down) with the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys.
Zoom in and out with the plus (+) and minus (-) keys.
Double-click to zoom: – Double left-click to zoom in, and double right-click to zoom out (Ctrl+ double-click for Mac users).
Scroll wheel zooming – Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out of the maps.

Google Street View Shortcuts

(or left arrow key)* – rotate camera 45 degrees to the left.
d (or right arrow key) – rotate camera 45 degrees to the right.
w (or PageUp key) – look up towards the sky. (os x: go forward)
s (or PageDown key) – look down towards the ground (os x: go backwards).
up arrow **,*** – go forward
down arrow**,*** – go backward
+ (plus key) – zoom in for a close-up view.
 (minus key) – zoom out one level.
double click the circle: jump the that view point
double click the rectangle: zoom in to that point.
TAB key: access various controls on the screen
Numerical 3 key: Turn on/off 3D mode.

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