GroupWise Shortcut Keys Download PDF

GroupWise Shortcut Keys

GroupWise is a messaging and collaboration platform from Novell that helps e mail, calendaring, private data control, immediate messaging, and document control. The GroupWise platform consists of desktop purchaser software, which is available for home windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and the server software, which is supported on home windows Server and Linux.

F1 – Open online help
Ctrl-F1 – Open the Spell Checker
F2 – Search for text
F3 – Find next instance
Ctrl-F3 – Find previous instance
F4 – Open the selected item
Alt-F4 – Exit GroupWise / Exit the item / Exit the dialog box
F5 – Refresh the view
Alt+F6 – Toggle between the Main Window and the most recently opened item
Ctr;l-F7 – Open the thesaurus
F8 – Mark the selected item Private
F9 – Open the Font dialog box
F11 – Retrieve a file

GroupWise Shortcut Keys PDF

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