HyperWorks Shortcut Keys Download PDF

HyperWorks Shortcut Keys

Hyper Works Shortcut Keys

HyperWorks® is the most complete, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the exceptional technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative merchandise.

F1 – Hidden lines
F2 – delete entites
F3 – Replace
F4 – Distance:3 places
F5 – Mask
F6 – Edit element:Combine
F7 – Node Edit :Align
F8 – Create Node
F9 – Line Edit:Combine
F10 – Check Elements:2D
F11 – Quick Geometry edit
F12 – Mesh
Shift+F1 – Colour
Shift+F2 – Temporary Nodes
Shift+F3 – Edges (for equivalence)
Shift+F4 – Translate
Shift+F5 – Find attached elements
Shift+F6 – Split plate elements
Shift+F7 – Project to plane
Shift+F8 – Node Edit align
Shift+F9 – Trim surface with node/Surf plane
Shift+F10 – Normals: elements
Shift+F11 – Organise entites
Shift+F12 – smooth Plate elements

Hyper Works Shortcut Keys PDF

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